2023 Market Research Report on Wooden Flooring Industry


Recently, the “2023-2029 China Wooden Flooring Industry Development Status Survey and Market Analysis and Forecast Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”), prepared by a team of experts from Wisdom Research Consulting, was released. The report was jointly written by Wisdom Research Consulting’s industry research team, and was finally presented after repeated revisions and polishing by the professional report compilation team.

Through the systematic analysis of a large amount of wood flooring industry information and data, this report deeply and objectively analyzes the development status quo and trends of China’s wood flooring industry, and combines the current situation of innovative development of the wood flooring industry and many years of practical experience, to make prudent analysis and prediction of China’s wood flooring industry’s driving factors, potential markets, constraints, development mechanisms, paths and modes, and hopes to provide important references for demand customers to accurately understand China’s wood flooring industry’s latest developments, to grasp the market opportunities, and to clarify the direction of innovation.

Flooring, the surface layer of the ground or floor of a house, is made of wood or other materials. Wooden flooring refers to the floor made of wood, China’s production of wood flooring is mainly divided into solid wood flooring, laminate wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring, multi-layer composite flooring, bamboo flooring and cork flooring six categories, as well as the emerging wood-plastic flooring.

The development of China’s wood flooring industry has roughly gone through four stages: the budding period (1985-1995), the growth period (1996-1998), the booming period (1999-2007), the reshuffle period (2008 to the present).

In recent years, China’s wood flooring industry’s overall decline in profits, mainly four key factors: rising raw material prices, labour costs and transportation costs continue to rise, companies do not have enough control over the market. At the same time due to the development of wood flooring alternatives, environmental protection does not meet the standards, epidemic outbreaks, the property market downturn and other reasons led to the wood flooring retail market size shows a downward trend. 2022 due to the complex and severe global economic situation, the domestic economy downward pressure, the decline in the willingness of residents to consume, real estate boom downturn, China’s wood flooring retail market size further decline. 2022, the wooden floor retail The market size of 101.255 billion yuan, down 11.3%; in terms of market segments, of which laminate wood flooring accounted for 35.4%, solid wood flooring accounted for 25.5%, solid wood composite flooring market share of 27.3%, bamboo flooring (including bamboo wood composite) for 11.1%.

China’s wood flooring industry has developed to the present, has formed a multi-species, multi-specification, from production, sales, laying to after-sales service support, with a certain scale of the industrial system, but the entire industry within the production of many enterprises, the competitive pattern of fragmentation, market concentration is low. Driven by the national macro-strategy, the cost of materials, environmental costs, logistics costs, labour costs have been further stimulated, the cost of raising has become an irreversible fact, the industry enterprises must be repositioned and reshuffled through, to share the resulting adverse impact. In recent years, the market share has a tendency to advantageous brand concentration, but still has not formed an absolute advantage of the brand, the number of small and medium-sized enterprises still account for 90% of the number of enterprises in the industry. At present, the industry’s most influential brands are mainly Daya Shengxiang, nature home furnishings, Del future, these enterprises are relatively strong competitiveness, leading the industry to further enhance the inherent quality and market competitiveness.

Wooden flooring industry has entered a mature stage of steady development, the production side of the output is basically saturated, the sales side of the development and property correlation. In the future, the high-quality requirements for wood flooring products and the sinking of consumption in three or four cities is expected to become the new driving force of the wood flooring industry. Wooden flooring industry development trends are as follows:
1, industry concentration continues to improve with the national requirements for wood flooring product quality, environmental standards continue to improve and consumers increasingly pursue product personalisation and quality, the future threshold of the wood flooring industry will be higher and higher, the lack of brand influence, the overall strength of the weaker wood flooring enterprises will gradually be eliminated by the market, the wood flooring industry will be the direction of the development of large-scale, branding and specialisation. With the natural growth of the advantageous flooring enterprises and the mergers and acquisitions of small and medium-sized flooring enterprises, the market share will continue to focus on the advantageous brands.

2, the integration of large-scale production and modern technology with the expansion of the scale of production and the market to the industry’s dominant brand concentration, wood flooring enterprises are also facing the challenge of large-scale production, the selection of advanced machinery and equipment has become an important factor in the development of enterprises. On the current domestic market demand for wood flooring, only large-scale, mechanised production and reasonable sales channels and marketing strategy to establish a competitive advantage, therefore, small and medium-sized wood flooring enterprises urgently need to get rid of the traditional, low-efficiency workshop mode, through the use of advanced machinery and equipment to complete the transition, in order to improve production efficiency, in the large-scale, efficient production to find the advantages of the enterprise, improve competitiveness.

3, health, environmental protection is the development of wood flooring trend of the current consumers in the wood flooring products on the purchase, has been environmental protection as the first element. Wooden flooring products in the direction of health, environmental protection, green will become the threshold of enterprise development. Environmental protection consumption has become a consumer market fashion, the governments of various countries on the wood processing process used in the paint, glue and other harmful substances in the content of the index has also put forward higher requirements. Formaldehyde content in the home environment has become an important indicator of the environmental protection of flooring materials, has become an important criterion for consumers to select paving materials. Wooden flooring products whether environmental protection standards will become the key to the development and growth of enterprises.

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