Formal Quotation CTS110 Extrusion Line

Part Ι  General Description

Main Specification of Formal Quotation CTS110 Extrusion Line
Item Parameter
Product Width 970mm
Product Thickness 2~8mm
Output 950~1300Kg/h
Power Requirements 480V/3Phase/60Hz


Technical Parameters of Formal Quotation CTS110 Extrusion Line
Ф110/220 Conical Twin Extruder


Screw Material 38CrMoAlA
Alloy Treatment Nitriding treatment
Nitriding Depth Screw 0.5~0.6mm Barrel 0.6~0.7mm
Hardness Screw HV740~940 Barrel HV≥860
Roughness Screw Ra≤0.8μm Barrel Ra≤1.6μm
Gearbox and Distribution Box Gear: 20CrMoTi Distribution box: 38CrMoAlA
Main Motor Power 200KW AB Inverter AB Contractor  UL Electronic

Cabinet UL standard for all motors

Screw Speed 1~32rpm
Fan Power 0.55KW*4
Vacuum Device 11KW Equipped with automatic feeding device
Automatic Shutdown Protection Device Current overload and screw dislocation
Extrusion T-Die Mould


Structure Hanger runner
Material 5CrNiMo Chromium plating and polishing of runner surface
Maximum Product Width 1000mm
Product Thickness 2~8mm
Temperature Measuring Element K-type thermocouple
Electric Control Cabinet
Display Siemens
Standard UL
Four-roller Calender System


Type Four roller horizontal with pattern tracking system and

electronic digital display thickness measurement system

Roller Diameter Φ400mm
Roller Length 1500mm
Surface Hardness ≥HRC50
Surface Roughness 0.025μm
Chromium Plating Thickness 0.08~0.12mm
Transmission Unified transmission, horizontal reducer Power 1.5KW*4
Control Unit AB Inverter
Pitch Adjustment Mechanism Electromechanical type
Rotary Joint 8*1.5’’
Roller Temperature Controller Split structure of motor and pump, all pipes are connected by flange, with temperature resistance of 250-300℃
Heating Medium Oil
Cooling Medium Soft water
Heating Power 18KW*4=72
Cooling Conveyor Bridge and Fan Cooling
Length 22m
Fan Quantity 6
Laminating Machine


Type Electric automatic film feeding
Unwinding Device 4*Air Expansion shafts and 4*Magnetic powder

braking devices

Rubber Roller Tractor


Type Active friction
Diameter Φ250mm
Width 1500mm
Clamping Type Pneumatic clamping
Motor 3KW
Speed 0.4~6m/min
Control Unit AB Inverter
Length Meter
Type Light induction
Cutting Machine
Maximum Width 1500mm
Cutting Thickness 1~8mm
Automatic flap manipulator
Type Suction cup structure, front and back stacking to ensure

Orderly stacking

Part Ⅱ Commercial Terms and Condition:

NO. Commodity Qty Unit Price($)
1 CTS110 Conical Twin Screw Extrusion Line 1 145,000
2 Emboss in Register System 1 57,500
Amount FOB Shanghai price 202,000

OFFER VALIDITY :      30 days

DELIVERY TIME    :      7 days (after down-payment)

TERMS OF PAYMENT:     100% should be paid before delivery, by T/T.  The rate of penalty (for delay of the manufacture and delay of payment) is charged at 1% for every 5 days, odd days less than 5 days should be counted as 5 days.

WARRANTY :           Mechanical parts & Electrical parts

12 months from starting and anyhow no longer than 14 months from the date of delivery for the parts considered by the manufacturer to be defective.

Parts of normal wear are excluded from warranty.

EXCLUSIONS :        Civil works.

Electrical cables connecting the different machines forming the system with the main electrical control panel.

Installation and starting on the purchaser’s premises.

Cranes, minor metalwork and equipment that may turn out to be necessary during installation and starting on site.

Whatever else not specified in this offer.

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