American Starsplas Engineering Inc. Launches in Dalton, Georgia, to Revolutionize the SPC Flooring Industry


Dalton, Georgia, has welcomed a new player in the engineering and flooring industry as American Starsplas Engineering 3510 Enterprise Road, Dalton, GA. A subsidiary of Stars Union Equipment Technology (Jiangsu) Co., Ltd., this innovative company is poised to provide cutting-edge services to the American SPC flooring market.

American Starsplas Engineering Inc.’s core focus is on delivering technical expertise, maintenance services, equipment installation, process optimization, and more to the SPC flooring industry. This strategic move is aimed at enhancing the quality and efficiency of SPC flooring production and maintenance processes in the United States.

SPC Flooring Industry

Additionally, the company has established an overseas warehouse facility at its Dalton location, specializing in storing resilient flooring raw materials, environmentally friendly construction materials, fully automated equipment, and equipment accessories. This strategic decision ensures that customers have convenient access to these resources, enabling seamless purchasing and utilization at any time.

With a projected annual revenue ranging from ¥300 million to ¥500 million, American Starsplas Engineering Inc. is set to make a significant impact on the market. The company’s primary target markets include North America and select developed countries in Europe.

Key highlights of American Starsplas Engineering Inc.:

Technical Excellence: The company is dedicated to elevating the technical capabilities of the SPC flooring industry through equipment installation, maintenance, and process optimization.

Convenient Warehouse: The overseas warehouse facility ensures readily available materials and equipment, streamlining operations for clients.

Green and Efficient: American Starsplas Engineering Inc. is committed to eco-friendly practices, contributing to sustainable construction and flooring solutions.

Global Market Expansion: The company’s target markets encompass North America and select European countries, aligning with its global vision.

For more information about American Starsplas Engineering Inc., its services, and products, please visit their official website at or contact their dedicated team at [email protected].

SPC Flooring

The establishment of American Starsplas Engineering Inc. in Dalton, Georgia, is a testament to Stars Union Equipment Technology’s global ambitions and its commitment to advancing the SPC flooring industry. The company looks forward to forging strong partnerships and contributing to the growth and sustainability of the flooring market in the United States and abroad.

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