Automatic Mixing&Dosing system is professionally designed for PVC or WPC plastic industry in mixing workplace.This set of confined system is used for automatically measuring,feeding,mixing,dosing to the extrusion of variety powders,particles and leads to labor-saving,and prevent from directly touching with powder.


Colter mixer



Mainly include following process of SPC flooring mixing system:

1.PVC resin weighing system

2.additives weighing

3.little material weighing

4.liquid material feeding

5.mixing tool can be designed according to different application

6.storing and conveying system

7.feeding into extruder

Technical specification:

item power
heating/cooling mixer combination 245kw
PVC&CACO3 Automatic dosing weighing system 18.5kw
additives automatic weighing system 7.8kw
additives dust collection system 1.5kw


Coulter type mixing machine is working,coulter do circular motion,the material being coulter blade split into two direction form two-way material flow,and on both sides of the other two materials coulter shunts come together to form convection,repeatedly and track the effects of the guarantees the coulter type mixer mixing uniformity of material.


The advantages of high speed mixer machine is equipped with a perfect dust collection system,which greatly improves the working environment of workers,avoids the impact of dust on operators and reduces the waste of raw materials.

The optimized design of mixing machine greatly improves the efficiency and life span of machine and greatly reduces energy consumption,thus saving a lot of cost for users. Computer DCS automatic control system is adopted to maximize automation level and reduce manual operation.


Coulter type mixing machine is widely used in chemical, battery raw materials, paint, dye, pesticides, pharmaceutical, food, feed, additive, new refractory materials, electronic, plastic, ceramic, chemical fertilizer, metallurgy, mine, dry mortar, EPS, special building materials industries, such as powder and mixture of solid powder and liquid. Especially in clumps agglomerate material crushing mixing process,suitable for low viscosity materials and fiber material,coulter type mixer can quickly open the clumps of fiber blend of high precision.

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