Automatic Mixing Feeding System Description:

This system is mainly used for the conveyance of power materials.It can be adopted in the negative pressure and positive pressure(thin phase and thick phase),the dosing of main materials and auxiliary materials,the mixer and the collecting storage.And according to the site situation,it can be adopted the negative pressure or screw conveyance to distribute materials into each hopper.During the whole period,the PLC central control will be adopted and the central monitor on the post as well.

The system will meet the needs of the production art demand and the present condition of the plant house.The annual output is 2000T-100000T.


WLD.-horizontal ribbon mixer

Automatic Mixing System Picture:

Automatic Mixing Feeding System Video:

Mainly include following process of SPC flooring mixing system:

1.PVC resin weighing system

2.additives weighing

3.little material weighing

4.liquid material feeding

5.mixing tool can be designed according to different application

6.storing and conveying system

7.feeding into extruder

Technical specification:

type effective capacity(m^3) single production(kg) spindle-speed motor power(kw) machine weight outlook size
WLD-1 0.6 600 52 7.5 1700 2380*1225*1351
WLD-2 1.2 1200 43 15 2300 3078*1450*1601
WLD-3 1.8 1800 41 22 3100 3385*1751*1801
WLD-4 2.4 2400 35 30 3900 3618*1860*2002
WLD-5 3 3000 31 37 4600 3989*1790*2152
WLD-6 3.6 3600 32 37 5200 4306*1817*2230
WLD-8 4.8 4800 32 45 6800 4367*1987*2430
WLD-10 6 6000 29 55 7800 5037*2129*2477
WLD-12 7.2 7200 29 55 8800 5237*2204*2627
WLD-15 9 9000 20 55 9800 5437*2344*2802
WLD-20 12 12000 20 75 12500 5940*2618*3152
WLD-25 15 15000 20 75 13700 6190*2818*3352
WLD-30 18 18000 20 90 15400 6490*2818*3502
WLD-35 21 21000 18 90 17500 7330*3118*3627

Automatic Mixing Feeding System Features:

1.The system use computer control system of industrial PC combined with PLC for real-time dynamic monitoring,stores a plurality of groups of formula.

2.America Tolledo bellows type metering sensor and control meter can can ensure the system’s dynamic stability and accurate measurement,the dynamic accuracy is plus or minus3 per thousand So the system also can reduce labor costs.

3.Air bag type unique unloading device used,for you to eliminate viscous material”bridging”trouble.

4.The system pressure balance type centralized dedusting system,so that each dust reduced to low leak point.

5. The automatic material dosing feeding mixing system is fully enclosed conveying design,it can prevent secondary.

6.A variety of system combination model,to adapt to various plant conditions.It is suitable for plastics,rubber,chemical and tood industry,such as PVC LVT vinyl flooring production line.

Automatic Mixing Feeding System Advantage:

1.Automatic feeding system –unmanned

SPC PVC automatic mixing solution is professionally designed for PVC or WPC plastic industry in mixing workplace.This set of confined system is used for automatically measuring,feeding,mixing,dosing to the extrusion of variety powders,particles and liquids.It leads to labor-saving,and prevent from directly touching with powder.

2.Central dust collecting system-dust-free

The mixing workplace of PVC and WPC plastic industry is mass dust and workers are mobile.In the use of centralized feeding system we choose to connect the dust collection with the dust occurring outlet,so that collecting and recycling use of this part.Dust-free workshop is not only the modern industrial standard but also can save a lot of material and labor.

3.The central control system—intelligentize

Intelligent control system is to avoid mistakes and loss caused by manual operation,such as the wrong formula of feeding raw material lead to batches unqualified products and wast of secondary processing.The lack of automatic dosing function would result in short filling,which is the damage to screw and extruder.The key point is that lack of an automatic system to calculate materials based on production.

According to the material wast in enterprise each year,the amount of labor costs and other invisible costs is often higher than the investing amount of a certain small devices.

Automatic Mixing Feeding System Application:

WLD.-horizontal ribbon mixer introduction of foreign technology data,our factory design professionals to improve outcomes,is a new and efficient mixing equipment.Widely used in chemical,pharmaceutical,fertilizer, dyes, pigments,rubber,building materials,food,milk powder,health products,feed additives,aquacuiture,biotechnology,chemical,ceramics,refractories,rare earth,plastic glass and new materials,nuclear materials and other industries solid and solid(i.e. powder and powder), solid and liquid (i.e., powder and gel slurry) materials mixing.

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