Biodegradable PLA (polylactic acid) Preserving Box Keep Vegetables Fresh


Biodegradable PLA Box

Vegetables play a significant role in the human diet and provide vitamins, fibers–and minerals essential for human health and growth. For this reason, how to keep Vegetables Fresh?

Normally, Sorting, washing, peeling, and slicing or shredding are all operations necessary for producing fresh-cut food. For the extra food we need a refrigerator for storage in a short days. The temperature control also helps to maintain product quality because it affects the respiration rate of fresh-cut products: the difference in O2 consumption rate and CO2 evolution rate increased gradually with the increase in temperature (10–20 °C).

Biodegradable PLA Box

Furthermore, we need a Preserving the food, Packaging technology is an available method for reducing postharvest deteriorative processes on fresh products. Currently, many types of plastic films are available for fruit and vegetables; it is important to select an appropriate packaging film because a bad material shortens the shelf life of this kind of food. Generally, polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) bags and polyvinylchloride (PVC) trays are used.

All of us know the plastic is not good for health and environmental protection, do we have other choice?

European Union regulation n. 1580/2007 introduces the use of eco-friendly packages for fruit and vegetables: Polylactic acid (PLA), which is compostable in accordance with EN 13432:2002 (UNI 2002)

Biodegradable PLA Box

Fresh-cut baby vegetables has a very high respiration rate, and thus high oxygen permeability films or perforated ones are required to avoid the risk of anoxic concentration in the package, PLA is a perfect container for keeping the fresh and maintain the oxygen.

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