Change Small Bag Into Jumbo Bags Save 1 Million U.S.Dollars Per Year Definitely !


Change Small Bag Into Jumbo Bags

Save 1 Million U.S.Dollars Per Year Definitely !

PVC Resin Materials Packaging is Changing into Jumbo Bags:

According to the report, more and more factory is changing Small bags into Jumbo bags(Ton Bags).

If we take a review of our company(StarsPlas is A NTD Group Company) customer list in recent 3 years, all big PVC products company in China are in our hand.

All big companies are using Jumbo bags for PVC and CaCO3, even they have plan to using truck for loading, only quite few small factories are using 25kg bags materials.

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Why we need Jumbo bags?

Everyone knows the main reason is materials saving, however, how many materials can be saved per year?

Let`s make a calculation:

One of our customer have 50 PVC profile lines, they bought a 400 million automatic dosing feeding mixing system from us.

The output capacity of 50 lines is around: 90,000 MT/year, our system can save materials at least 3%.

So they saved 2,700 tons materials, if the mixture materials is 500$/ton, they can save 1.35 million $ per year at least.


3% materials saving is possible? Is guaranteed?

Resin Materials Packaging 25kg Small Bag 1Ton Jumbo Bag
Packaging cost / Ton 40pcs small bags(Disposable)

Cost 10$=0.25$/bag*40bag

1pc Jumbo bag(Reusable)

Cost 0$

Residual Materials / Ton Total Waste 10kg=0.25kg/bag*40bag

Cost: 5$

Total Waste 0.5kg

Cost: 0.25$

   Inavoidable waste materials High risk in daily operation by workers Low probability
Labor cost Higher Lower
Waste Comparison 15$/Ton 0.25$/Ton
Loss Percentage ≧3%(materials is 500$/ton) ≧0.05%(materials is 500$/ton)


The benefit is only saving materials, there are more benefits as below:

1) Quality improve: No mistake will be made by labors, the defect will be much less, you will save cost in recycling and milling processing.

2) Output capacity improve: If There are 3 sets mixers(2×500/1000, 1×800/2500),

Labor Mixing capacity is only:15,000tons/year, because workers need to open the lids and feeding each materials and additive manually;

Automatic Mixing capacity is:23,000 tons/year, the mixing part can improving 150% than labor feeding;

​3) Dust Free: Reduce the risk for occupational disease and powder explosion.

4) Energy-saving: The tube chain feeding is Germany technology, for example only 4kw can feeding into 7 lines together!


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