1.What is Chlorinated Polyethylene?

Chlorinated Polyethylene is a saturated polymer material with white powder appearance, non-toxic and tasteless, with excellent weather resistance, ozone resistance, chemical resistance and aging resistance, with good oil resistance, flame retardant and coloring properties. Good toughness(still flexible et -30℃), good compatibility with other polymer materials, high decomposition temperature.

2.Characteristics of chlorinated polyethylene

1) CPE is a kind of saturated rubber, which has excellent properties of heat resisting oxygen aging, acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance.

2) CPE has general oil resistance, including excellent resistance to ASTM No.1 oil and ASTM No.2 oil, which are comparable to NBR; excellent resistance to ASTM 3 oil, superior to CR and comparable to CSM.

3) CPE contain chlorine, which has excellent flame retardant performance and combustion and drip proof property.

4) CPE is non-toxic and does not contain heavy metals or PAHS. It fully meets the environmental requirements.

5) CPE has high filling performance and can produce products meeting various performance requirements. CPE has good machining properties and Mooney viscosity (ML 121 1+4) is available in 50-100 grades.


3.The purpose of the CPE

Chlorinated polyethylene resin is a new kind of synthetic material with a series of excellent properties. It is PVC plastic excellent impact modifier, but also a comprehensive performance of synthetic rubber, has a very wide range of applications, has been widely used in cable, wire, rubber hose, rubber and plastic products, sealing materials, flame retardant transport belt, waterproof coiled material, film and a variety of special-shaped products.

CPE can also be bended with polypropylene, HIGH and low pressure polyethylene, ABS and other plastics to improve the flame retardant performance, aging resistance and printing performance of the products.

CPE can be regarded as a random copolymer of ethylene, polyethylene and 1.2 VINYL chloride. Its molecular chain is saturated and polar chlorine atoms are randomly distributed. Because of its excellent physical and chemical properties, CPE is widely used in machinery, electric power, chemical industry, building materials and mining industry.

CPE is better than most rubber in heat resistance, ozone resistance and aging resistance, oil resistance than nitrile butadiene rubber(NBR), neoprene rubber(CR), and aging resistance than chlorosulfonated vinyl chloride(CSM).

Acid, alkali, salt and other corrosion properties, non-toxic, difficult to burn, no explosion risk.


4.Storage and transportation conditions

Keep the storeroom sealed, put it in a tight storeroom and store it in a cool, dry place.





6.How to buy Chlorinated Polyethylene

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