The Correct Way to Run a Couple of PVC Production Lines


The Correct Way to Run a Couple of PVC Production Lines

—-The Largest Pipe Manufacturer in Pakistan is Using the Dosing Mixing Feeding System Supplied by Stars Union

Shahazd Maqbool, chairman of ALIF INDUSTRY group from Pakistan, visited Stars Union-NTD second time on Nov. 20th, 2017.

PVC Dosing Feeding Mixer Group

ALIF INDUSTRY group was established in 1958 as Traders and importers dealing in water supply piping systems along with sanitary and bath room accessories. Later on we extended our business in vast variety of local and all kinds of imported ceramic tiles, sanitary ware and bathroom utilities. Most recently the group has launched a new line of home decor, fancy lights fixtures and furniture as well. We have six large display centers operating in Lahore for providing sales and after sale services. The group is advancing and in process of opening more display centers in the main cities of Pakistan.

PVC Dosing Feeding Mixer Group

NTD, mother company of Stars Union, is a leading company for powder/bulk material handling solutions covering automatic bag breaking, dosing, mixing and conveying processes. NTD is also the promoter of dust-free&unmanned intelligent factory in China. As a standard maker of the powder/bulk material industry with insisting on the premium quality of its own products, NTD has won a fantastic national reputation in the area. The year of 2017 is the beginning for NTD to explore overseas market. As a subsidiary of NTD, Stars Union will focus on the overseas marketing and service.

It has been only 53 days since Mr Maqbool’s first visit to us on Sept. 28th,2017. This time, the group sent their engineer to have a on site further discussion on the technical stuffs. The meeting was successful and reached an initial agreement of cooperation.

Why the cooperative agreement with ALIF INDUSTRY was reached in such a short time?

Mr Maqbool visits China several times every year since 1976. As the third inheritor of the family company, he has an unique opinion on the production management. He indicated that although the industry foundation of Pakistan is far behind China and other countries, the quality requirements on products from customer never lower a little bit. Because most of the pipes are used on government project and utilities. The flaw on pipes would cause unaffordable results. As a leading pipe company in Pakistan, Mr Maqbool insists on the top quality and good reputation during many years of operation.

Although ALIF INDUSTRY is the NO. 1 company of the industry in Pakistan, Mr Maqbool still would like to improve the qualification rate of products. Like most of plastic products manufacturers, the current high quality is mainly relay on workers’ skills and accomplishments. The qualification rate at night shift or operated by freshman is still lower than normal. As a result, company owner has to put more money on additional equipment/machines to deal with the waste/unqualified products. The cost of time and persons on it is fairly high. Meanwhile, with using the recycled materials, the quality would be affected again. The repeated quality issues would definitely affect the brand and quality reputation of ALIF INDUSTRY.

PVC Dosing Feeding Mixer Group

The only perfect solution to solve above issues is one set of automatic bag breaking, conveying, dosing, mixing system!

Thanks for Mr Maqbool’s sharing. Hope our proposal/solution would help more customers from powder/bulk industry improve product quality, create a safer and more automatic working environment!

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