Customer Story——Daramic TianJin Battery Separator Co., Ltd.


Daramic ( is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of battery separators for automotive, industrial, and specialty applications. Established over seventy-five years ago, the company services the global battery manufacturing industry through marketing and sales offices in North and South America, Europe, Australia, South East Asia and China. As a business unit of Polypore, Inc.—with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina USA—Daramic today supplies more than 50% of the world’s demand for high performance polyethylene battery separators to the lead acid battery industry.

Customer Story——Daramic TianJin Battery Separator Co., Ltd.

Daramic TianJin is the 1st plant in China for local market, most equipment was imported from Europe and Japan, the Mixing System is the crucial processing, Daramic discussed with MTI, PlasMec, NEO and other famous mixing unit companies, StarsPlas is also one of the candidate.

Why choose StarsPlas ?

The Local service, more than 20years Mixing Project experience is the key point to win other competitors.

StarsPlas did the mixing simulation with Daramic team together, both of us benefit with each other. Daramic was doing the mixing, weighing and feeding by labor previously, which is not stable in formula performance, the defect production rate is higher than production management.

Customer Story——Daramic TianJin Battery Separator Co., Ltd.

The Full Automatic Mixing System is the best solution for them in following:

1) Quality improve: No mistake will be made by labors, the defect will be much less, you will save cost in recycling and milling processing.

2) Output capacity improve: The mixing part can improve 50% than labor feeding;

​3) Dust Free: Reduce the risk for workers and explosion.

4) Money saving from materials waste: At least 3% saving every day, that means 2,400ton saving per year, equal or more than One Million USD!

Customer Story——Daramic TianJin Battery Separator Co., Ltd.

How can I have the Profession solution in Dosing Feeding Mixing System?

Please contact us as below:

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