Differences Between LVT And SPC Production Line


Differences Between LVT And SPC Production Line:

Kingshine can provide you with spc flooring production line and LVT flooring line,WPC flooring machines. What’s the difference between them?

PVC flooring has many types: LVT(luxury vinyl tile), WPC tile(wood plastic composite tile), SPC tile(stone plastic composite tile) and etc. PVC flooring’s main ingredients are polyvinyl chloride and calcium powder. Following is comparison of LVT and SPC products and production machines.

SPC flooring is an upgrade of Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVT). It is special designed with click locking system. Then it can be easily installed on different floor base. No matter laying them on concrete, ceramic or existing flooring.

But LVT is required of high level of floor base. When laying, the floor base must be smooth, solid and dry.

Structure of  LVT:


Structure of SPC:

SPC Flooring


 1. Comparison of LVT and SPC Flooring:

Machine investment 1,200,000$ 400,000$
Materials cost  500~600$/Ton (Korean only) 400$/ton
Labor cost 8-10 persons x 3 shifts 1-2 person x 3 shifts
Environment report Environmental protection Better Performance in harmful matters
Installation High requirement for laying condition Basic requirement
Trend Very less More than 100 projects happen in 2 years

LVT Flooring Production Line Processing Flow:

Bottom/Middle material forming
Hot pressing
Roller coating and annealing
Punching plant
Chamfered edge
UV Coating
Cutting & Profiling & Packing

SPC Flooring Production Line Processing Flow:

Full-automatic Mixing
UV Coating
Cutting & Profiling & Packing

SPC flooring production line Video

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