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PVC products are everywhere throughout our daily life, from traditional PVC pipes, profiles, tiles/flooring to newly boomed synthetic plastic composition like WPC(wood plastic composition) and SPC(stone plastic composition) products. Data from China Customs shown the export of plastic products of 2016 was 10.4 million tons, increased by 6% than 2015. The market demand for WPC/SPC is still increasing rapidly.


Normally, the PVC raw material is made to power shape. And PVC products need different additives to acquire certain characteristics in order to meet the requirements of strength, safety, durability etc according to the applications. As a result, manufacturer of PVC products need to mix power shape PVC material with numbers of different additives. Some additives are liquid form such as DOP(Dioctylphthalate, commonly used in PVC product industry), some are solid form. The percentage of additives vary a lot. For some PVC products, the formula may only require several grams of certain additive/pigment per batch(500kg or more).


Thus, the key points of making high quality of PVC/WPC/SPC products are as follows:

  1. Accurate dosing of different materials.
  2. Well mixed of different materials.
  3. Good control of whole production process.

As the owner of PVC products factory, you may consider how to lower the cost as well.

  1. Minimize the waste of raw materials.Most of PVC products manufacturers are using small bag(25kg) of PVC raw material. Manual unpacking and loading always leave certain amount of PVC inside the bag. Assume there is 0.5% of PVC material left inside every bag, 20 tons of daily capacity, the price of PVC material is $1,500/ton, the cost on wasting PVC material yearly would be:


This calculation is based on a fairly small manufacturer whose capacity is 20 tons/day only. Image if you are running a factory which capacity is 200 tons/day, how much you will pay for wasting?

  1. Labor cost saving.Having dozens of workers to carry raw materials is low efficiency and costly. You may think it is not your concern because cheap labor in your country. But if your cheap labor workers make mistakes during the operation of dosing or mixing, how much you will lose from such incidents? I would say may be more than the sum of 10 cheap workers’ whole year salaries. Reduce the numbers of worker and operators not only save your money on labor, but also save your lost on manual misoperation.
  2. Improve the qualification of products.Even if you have a big team for quality control throughout the whole production process, you can’t avoid manual misoperation during the production. Especially for the 24 hours running factory, over 80% misoperation caused by workers happens at night.


When people are talking about mass/volume production for certain product, the first thing they may consider is automation. Automatic production offers you with low cost, high quality, modern techniques for competitive marketing place. You may refer to the successful of automobile industry and chemical industry. They both have highly automation throughout the production.

Many PVC products manufacturers are seeking for automatic solution for production in order to compete with others by low cost and high quality products.


3D Model of Automatic PVC Dosing Mixing Feeding System

Stars Union, one of NTD group company with 25 years’ experience and over 500 systems running at customers’ factory worldwide, is responsible for overseas marketing and promotion of Automatic PVC Dosing Mixing Feeding System.

We offer valued customer with customized highly/fully automatic solution from raw material unpacking&loading, storage, conveying, dosing, mixing& feeding to your extrusion/production line.

Project reference:(more details please check this link:

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