Dosing Feeding Mixing System——Solution for PVC Foam Board Machine


ALSTONE ( set up in the year 2004, now it being the pioneer and the largest manufacturer of Aluminum Composite Panels (ACP) in India, Alstone is a also a great company for PVC foam Board, WPC foam Board and Emerge Glass.

osing Feeding Mixing System——Solution for PVC Foam Board Machine

Mr. Pawan(CEO of Alstone) is strictly in quality controlling with advanced management in ALSTONE.

Now he would like to improve his mixing unit, because there are some defect production came out the mixing issues: There are 6 High speed mixers + cooling mixers, for 6 lines right now, it cost too much labors and easy for workers mistake.

The Full Automatic Mixing System roughly price is 460,000USD, all the investment will be saved within 3 years!


StarsPlas proposal is reducing 6 mixers into 2 high effective mixers:

A.   1 for PVC (1300L High speed /3000L Cooling Mixer for 4 PVC Lines),

B.   1 for WPC(800L High speed /2000L Cooling Mixer for 2 WPC Line);

C.   1 PVC addtives Automatic Feeding system with Dosing weighing system;

D.   1 WPC addtives Automatic Feeding system with Dosing weighing system;

E.   1 Tube Chain System for 4 PVC lines.

osing Feeding Mixing System——Solution for PVC Foam Board Machine

Alstone will benefit from Automatic Dosing Feeding Mixing System by StarsPlas:

1)    Materials save 3% per day: As you mentioned 30Ton/day, roughly 9,000Ton/year consumption,

That means 270Tons materials saving every year!

2)   Energy save: Now you are using 6 Mixer units, currently your are using more than 441kw for mixing (even all        of them were 500/1000L)

Our proposal is 2 Mixer units,  energy consumption is only 264kw in mixing

       The Tube Chain System is only 4 kw can automatic feeding into 6 lines

3)   Labor save:   Now you may use too much workers for mixing;

There are only need 2-3 workers/shift

4)   Quality improve: The good quality mixing will improve the quality of final products, and save money in reducing          defect products recycling.


Mr. Pawan(CEO of Alstone) had a fruitful meeting with Mr.Fang(CEO of StarsPlas: A NTD Group Company ) and Mr.Han(CEO of NTD) in Nov.1st, 2017.

osing Feeding Mixing System——Solution for PVC Foam Board Machine


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