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Starsplas is a global advocate of SPC floor turnkey project. We are committed to providing customers with comprehensive one-stop supply chain solutions, and providing customers with full technical support from equipment design, manufacturing, installation to commissioning. At the same time, we also provide general contracting and turnkey engineering services for factory construction projects, so that customers do not need to worry about plant design, civil construction, equipment procurement, commissioning, etc., and can concentrate on SPC floor production.
We have introduced the world’s advanced technology and equipment, coupled with our own innovative design and research and development, so that the quality and performance of our equipment have reached the leading level. We have built a professional team to provide customers with professional technical consultation and after-sales service to ensure that customers’ production lines run stably and efficiently.

United States

In 2022, we successfully built an SPC floor factory in Pennsylvania, USA, and it has entered the stage of commissioning and production. This is an important step in our globalization strategy. During the construction process, we always adhered to the concept of quality first and service first, and completed the construction and commissioning of the factory efficiently and smoothly.

During the construction process, we work closely with customers to understand their specific needs and requirements, tailor-made equipment and services for them, and provide professional consultation and advice. Our technical team pays great attention to every detail during the design and manufacturing process of the equipment to ensure that the quality and performance of the equipment reach the best state, and at the same time comprehensively consider the manufacturing cost and benefit to create the maximum profit for customers and enterprises.

Optimizing the production process and improving production efficiency are unavoidable problems for every manufacturing company. As a highly intelligent electrical equipment, UL electric control cabinet can provide stable and reliable power control services for enterprises. As one of the core products of Starsplas, UL electric control cabinet has been favored by many customers due to its excellent technical advantages and manufacturing precision. In terms of manufacturing, the UL electric control cabinet produced by Starsplas uses high-quality electronic components and modular design to ensure its stable and reliable performance. In addition, Starsplas adopts strict quality inspection standards and manufacturing system to ensure that the quality and reliability of each UL electric control cabinet reaches the highest level.

In addition to the high-quality manufacturing level, Starsplas’ UL electrical control cabinets also have numerous advantages. First of all, the UL electric control cabinet adopts an advanced intelligent control system, which can realize automatic control and monitoring, and improve production efficiency and quality. Secondly, these electric control cabinets can be flexibly combined and expanded to meet the power control needs of enterprises in different production scenarios. In addition, it also has the functions of fire prevention, moisture resistance and dust prevention, which guarantees effective protection for the production safety and stability of the enterprise. In a word, Starsplas’ UL electric control cabinet not only has high-quality design and manufacturing level, but also has the advantages of advanced intelligent control and multi-functionality, which can provide enterprises with efficient, reliable and safe power control services.

United States Factory

A major feature of the Starsplas Smart Factory is the integration of automation systems. Our automation system integration covers technical applications such as PLC, programmer, digital AD converter, analog DA converter, HMI touch screen, etc., and can realize comprehensive automatic control from raw material ingredients to product packaging. The monitoring ensures the high efficiency, stability and reliability of the production process. When designing the automation system, we fully consider the needs of users and the development trend of the market, and strive to provide customers with comprehensive automation solutions that meet their specific needs. The automation system we provide also includes functions such as remote monitoring, remote diagnosis and operation and maintenance services, providing customers with more comprehensive and convenient after-sales industry services. Most importantly, our professional technical team, industry-leading technology applications and rich practical experience make us a brand trusted and chosen by customers. Regardless of the production process and production efficiency, or the requirements for product quality, our automation system integration can help customers achieve better results, and provide customers with high-quality, high-efficiency and high-reliability production solutions.

SPC Floor Factory

Our MES software is a set of efficient, intelligent and visual management system, which can conduct comprehensive management from production scheduling, process flow, production debugging, quality management, component management, cost accounting, etc. It is a set of manpower, machine, material and intelligent management system integrating multiple elements such as law and environment. The application of MES software not only makes the production plan more refined, but also can reduce personnel operations in the production process, and MES can monitor the operation status of production equipment in real time, find faults in time and take countermeasures, which improves production efficiency and production equipment. reliability.

Our MES software can not only improve production efficiency, but also realize real-time tracking and remote management of production information, facilitate monitoring and data analysis of the production process, and better serve customers’ business management and decision-making. MES software can also carry out good coordination and seamless integration with other related software systems, ensuring the informatization, intelligence and efficiency of the production process.

Through the integration of MES software in the production system, we can provide customers with more comprehensive, smarter and more efficient solutions, which is also our major advantage in the foreign trade market of SPC floor production equipment.

SPC Flooring Factory

Starsplas also focuses on sustainable development and environmentally friendly production. The factory adopts an advanced waste treatment and reuse system to minimize waste and environmental pollution. Starsplas actively promotes the concept of green production, is committed to providing customers with products that meet environmental protection requirements, and has established a good corporate image in the industry.

During the process of equipment installation and commissioning, our technicians and engineers are on site to provide guidance and assistance to provide customers with efficient and reliable services to ensure the normal operation of the equipment. In addition, we also provide professional training and after-sales service to ensure the subsequent production of customers.

Relying on our own technical strength and professional service team, we successfully completed the construction and commissioning of the SPC flooring factory, and won unanimous praise and high praise from customers. We are happy to find that this has also laid a solid foundation for us to develop a larger market and cooperate in the future. The completion of Starsplas’ SPC flooring factory marks its leadership and innovation in the industry. The company will continue to be committed to providing high-quality flooring products and excellent services to promote the development of the SPC flooring industry and create greater value for customers.

SPC Floor Factory

We will continue to uphold the concept of innovation, professionalism and quality to provide customers with more professional and high-quality technology and services, and make our contribution to the development of the entire SPC flooring industry. Whether it is the US domestic market or the international market, Starsplas will continue to provide customers with the best support with its excellent supply chain management and all-round engineering solutions. The completion of Starsplas’ SPC floor factory will surely further promote the development of the industry and bring more business opportunities and partnerships. Together with Starsplas, you will get comprehensive technical support, efficient production lines and professional after-sales service. We look forward to injecting new vitality and competitiveness into your SPC flooring production line.

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