1. Project Necessity

1.1 Increasing Demand for Flooring

There are many materials in the flooring industry. In recent years, flooring materials have undergone many improvements. Because of the characteristic of pure nature, real wood floor is widely praised, but solid wood floor on the pavement process requirements are higher, and improper pavement will produce abnormal noise and other problems. Experiencing a long use of wood floor , the surface may have the mark of wear and tear. Environmental protection and actual use feeling of laminate floor are slightly worse than solid wood floor, and 4 different material of laminate floor undertakes combination through adhesive, which will cause the harm that laminate floor exists formaldehyde. The advantage of compound floor is it is more balanced between use feeling and  appearance. It also can resist material irregular deformation again at the same time. Therefore, PVC is gradually taking place of a bigger position in flooring industry. PVC applied in flooring industry mainly consists of 3 types – SPC, WPC, LVT, in which SPC is more widely used in people’s daily life.

This report is also mainly based on SPC flooring.

  Material Advantage Disadvantage
Green environmental protection
High elasticity and shock resistance
Optidur NC
Non natural materials
High requirements for the base floor
Foaming agent
High elasticity and shock resistance
Fireproof and waterproof
Simple installation
High maintenance costs
High initial cost
Zero formaldehyde
Green environmental protection
Mould proof, damp proof and fireproof
Simple installation
High density and heavy weight

Developing Prospect:

From 2016 to 2018, the real estate boom index rebounded significantly, the real estate investment enthusiasm of the first and second tier cities increased, and the total output of China’s flooring industry basically maintained a stable upward trend. In 2017, the floor sales of China’s flooring enterprises with a certain scale exceeded 400 million square meters for the first time. Driven by the new policy of full decoration, the sales revenue of China’s flooring industry has increased steadily. With the channel gradually sinking to the third and fourth tier cities, the demand for high-end products is more vigorous, and the sales revenue will reach 142.21 billion yuan in 2023.

1.2 Increasing Demand for Environmentally Friendly Materials 

At present, the world attach more importance to the requirements of environmental protection, which requires that the material should be no harmful to human health and can be recycled easily. The traditional wood materials are loosing theirs luster. By contrast, PVC flooring is completely environmentally friendly. The main material is PVC powder, which is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic and renewable resource. Compared with the harmful substances such as formaldehyde in wood flooring, PVC flooring has an absolute advantage in environmental performance.

The main raw materials of PVC plastic flooring are polyethylene plastic, and selected non-radioactive marble powder. Polyethylene plastic is environmental protection non-toxic renewable resources. In the production process, all added ingredients are completely non-toxic and without radioactivity, and does not contain any heavy metals. Therefore, its environmental protection is no need to worry about and it is real and green floor.

In conclusion, with the increasing demand for Flooring and environmentally friendly flooring materials, new environmentally friendly materials get a important position in floor industry, and demand for this new materials is also increasing.


2. Market Analysis

2.1 Data of Chinese flooring exporters from January to October 2019

Rank Corporate Name Total price($) Qty(㎡) Market Share
1 泰州市华丽塑料/江苏富华 316,638,336.00 226,519,575.13 8.036%
2 张家港市易华润东新材料有限公司 291,167,408.00 246,049,095.30 7.389%
3 浙江天振/安吉博华 189,676,149.00 135,313,003.20 4.814%
4 帝高力装饰材料(江苏/上海)有限公司 168,186,675.00 160,713,298.50 4.268%
5 财纳福诺木业(中国)有限公司 153,367,579.00 126,502,301.40 3.892%
6 浙江晶通/杭州晶达 148,786,334.00 134,809,847.02 3.776%
7 江苏锐升新材料/江苏肯帝亚木业 143,794,250.00 112,880,465.00 3.649%
8 张家港爱丽家居科技股份有限公司 139,090,939.00 130,321,806.40 3.530%
9 浙江晶美/海象新材料/海象进出口 98,422,979.00 78,117,842.32 2.498%
10 江苏贝尔装饰材料有限公司 85,441,372.00 82,614,599.80 2.168%
11 浙江巨美家科技有限公司 69,014,465.00 52,317,927.00 1.751%
12 上海劲嘉建材科技有限公司 66,030,246.00 69,410,124.98 1.676%
13 东莞美哲/普隆塑胶制品 63,986,946.00 61,364,336.00 1.624%
14 常州双盛新型装饰材料有限公司 61,225,164.00 49,438,239.00 1.554%
15 中鑫成功/中鑫德赛/中鑫家居 51,867,903.00 54,792,563.50 1.316%
16 南京美高美新材料有限公司 50,018,663.00 45,208,116.41 1.269%
17 江苏升茂塑胶制品有限公司 49,814,749.00 46,333,891.60 1.264%
18 浙江长兴森大竹木制品有限公司 47,823,213.00 46,535,834.45 1.214%
19 江苏正永地面装饰材料有限公司 47,743,623.00 39,640,218.00 1.212%
20 惠州伟康/东太平洋橡塑 47,192,217.00 37,217,616.00 1.198%
21 浙江永裕竹业股份有限公司 44,014,209.00 33,488,265.00 1.117%
22 明和科技(唐山)股份有限公司 41,725,014.00 32,537,478.00 1.059%
23 广东远华新材料实业有限公司 39,705,443.00 45,018,335.40 1.008%
24 润昌木业/安徽奥美 39,176,452.00 37,057,430.42 0.994%
25 大块建材开发(江苏)有限公司 34,629,523.00 39,648,861.00 0.879%
26 常州新欧/江苏通盛 31,999,250.00 30,943,682.60 0.812%
27 佛山市高明亿阳塑胶有限公司 27,869,807.00 29,740,687.00 0.707%
28 江苏达福建筑科技发展有限公司 27,369,618.00 27,974,864.40 0.695%
29 上海长隆塑胶制品有限公司 26,346,998.00 19,700,849.00 0.669%
30 安徽韩华建材科技股份有限公司 24,992,527.00 25,095,053.92 0.634%


2.2 The ranking of PVC purchasing countries from January to October 2019

Rank Destination country Total price ($) Qty (㎡) Market share
1 America 2,217,180,362.00 186,280,134.35 56.268%
2 Canada 216,092,268.00 18,910,300.95 5.484%
3 Germany 170,975,242.00 15,454,505.73 4.339%
4 Netherlands 103,894,327.00 8,457,168.39 2.637%
5 Britain 87,148,553.00 7,040,071.63 2.212%
6 France 82,093,246.00 7,443,776.33 2.083%
7 Belgium 76,259,432.00 5,960,918.06 1.935%
8 Australia 71,345,855.00 5,830,309.39 1.811%


2.3 Changes in the proportion of exports of various materials in flooring industry from 2018 to 2020

2.4 Economic Benefit

In the European and American markets, the proportion of PVC flooring in floor decoration materials is increasing, and the market scale of PVC flooring continues to expand.In 2018, the penetration rate of PVC flooring in the United States reached 21.4%, and the market scale was US $3.43 billion. At present, China’s PVC flooring products are mainly exported, and the domestic market penetration rate is low, but in recent years, it is in the stage of rapid expansion. The domestic demand for PVC flooring has increased from 170 million square meters in 2014 to 260 million square meters in 2017, with an average annual growth rate of 15%, which has great growth potential.Correspondingly, in the next few years, the market share of PVC products will continue to increase. Investment in PVC projects has a good market prospect, and the project income is stable and rising.


3. Production process

PVC refers to Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC). It is a vinyl polymer material and the material is an amorphous material. PVC materials in the actual use of often use together with stabilizers, lubricants, auxiliary processing  modifiers, paints, impact resistance modifiers and other additives. It has the advantages of non-flammability, high strength, weather resistance and excellent geometric stability.

PVC applied in flooring industry mainly consists of 3 types – SPC, WPC, LVT, in which SPC is more widely used in people’s daily life.

3.1 Production process flow

Step 1 Mixing system: https://youtu.be/QaQeKtKtmAU

Step 2 Extrusion system: https://youtu.be/h01uDFsbNkg

Step 3 UV coating system: https://youtu.be/1Npk47dDh8c

Step 4 Automation system: all of the automation machine in the video.

Step 5 Profiling system: https://youtu.be/HXwfhw4N6VI

Step 6 Pad laminating system: https://youtu.be/12bGJxhSsbU

Step 7 carton Packaging system: https://youtu.be/470caGBHhJY

Step 8 Recycling system: https://youtu.be/eUWbP38ceno


3.2  Machine List of Main Production Line

No. Equipment
1 Fully Automatic Mixing System
1.1 100m3 PVC Silos (Option)
1.2 100m3 CaCO3 Silos (Option)
1.3 100m3 Recycled Silos (Option)
1.4 Bag dump station & Dosing & conveying systems
1.5 SRL – Mixers
2 110mm Conical Extrusion Line
3 UV Coating Line
3.1 UV Coating Line
3.2 Auto Loading & Unloading for UV Line
3.3 Auto Loading and conveying for Sawing
4 Sawing and Profiling Machine
4.1 Sawing Machine
4.2 The floor edge material pulverizer(Option)
4.3  6+6 Profiling Line
4.4  i4F Tools for Click System
5 Dust Collection System
5.1 Dust Collection System
5.2 Dust Collection System Buffer Silo
6 Cushion Pad Laminating Line
6.1 Cushion Pad Laminating Line
6.2 Transffering into Packaging
7 Automatic Packaging Line
7.1 Automatic Packaging Machine
7.2 Auto unlaoding for Packaging
7.3 Film Warping Machine and Belt
8 Online QC Inspection System
9 Recycling System
9.1 Recycling System for SPC Boards
9.2 Recycling System For SPC Floor Trims (Option)
10 Mini-Mes Factory System


3.3 Main Used Raw Materials

No. Item Unit Actual Dosage Packaging Type
1 PVC powder ton/year 9,698 Jumbo bag
2 DOTP ton/year 1,688 Oil tank
3 Stabilizer ton/year 694 25kg/bag
4 Caco3 ton/year 41,453 Jumbo bag
5 Lubricant ton/year 185 25kg/bag
6 ACR ton/year 585 25kg/bag
7 CPE ton/year 584 25kg/bag
8 PE Wax ton/year 185 25kg/bag
9 OPE ton/year 92 25kg/bag
10 Colorant ton/year 109 25kg/bag
11 Matte film 10000㎡/year 1,420,060 /
12 Wearlayer ton/year 6,057 /
13 Prinyed film m/year 8,655,738 /
14 Carton Set/year 3,777,406 /
15 UV paints ton/year 119 25kg/barrel
16 Banana oil ton/year 7 10kg/barrel
17 Printing ink ton/year 1 5kg/barrel
18 Hot melt adhesive ton/year 44 5kg/barrel
19 Cold melt ton/year 78 /
20 Glass fiber M/year 3,081,967 /
21 Color film 10000㎡/year 1,462,682 /
22 Natural gas 10000㎡/year 172 /
23 Conduction oil ton/year 1 /


Specifications and properties of main raw materials

  • UV coatingpaints

The UV coating used in this project is the plastic matte paint produced by Hunan Sunshine New Materials Co., Ltd. According to the MSDS provided by the manufacturer, the main components of the UV paints are polyurethane 60%, initiator 5%, Degussa OK500 10%, and epoxy pyrocalcine ester 25%.

  • Printing ink

The ink used in this project is oil ink, composition ratio is: resin, color sheets, fillers and other solid content of 40%;Ethyl acetate 35%, butyl acetate 25%.

  • Hot melt adhesive

The hot melt adhesive used in this project is composed of 4,4 ‘-diphenylmethane diisocyanate < 0.5% and polyurethane polymer


  • Stabilizer

Used to block or prevent the decomposition of PVC.Commonly used stabilizers are lead compounds: such as three basic lead sulfate, two basic lead phosphite;Metal soaps, such as barium stearate, cadmium stearate, etc.Organic tin compounds, etc.The dosage of stabilizer is generally 2%~5% of the resin.


4. Cost Calculation

According to the actual feedback of the flooring market, the production process and the economic benefit, the following Calculation mainly refer to the part of SPC.

4.1 Raw Material Cost

Standard Thickness: 4mm      
Material cost
No. SPC Flooring Raw Material Cost/m2 Cost $/m2 Remarks
1 Rigid Core 19.550 3.026
2 Printed Film 3.100 0.480 3.2¥/sqm
3 Wearlayer 3.936 0.609 1kg=2.82sqm (0.3mm)   11.1¥/kg
6.453 0.999 1kg=1.72sqm (0.5mm)   11.1¥/kg
4 UV Oil 0.550 0.085 10g/m2      55¥/kg
5 Cusion Pad 3.200 0.495 3.2/m2 (1.0mm)
5.250 0.813 5.25/m2 (1.5mm)
6 Cusion Pad Adhesive 0.150 0.023 6g/m2        25¥/kg
7 Lock Catch 4.522 0.700 0.7$/m2
8 Carton 1.253 0.194 3.5¥/pcs

Carton Height: 55mm
Floor size: 1225mmX190mmX4mm

1 Carton =12 Floors

Instruction Paper 0.027 0.004 500 sheet/package


9 Carton Adhesive 0.150 0.023 6g/m2                       25¥/kg
10 Pallet and Packaging Material 0.602 0.093 93.1m2/pallet         56¥/pcs

IPCC Standard

Total Cost : 37.040 5.734


4.2 Main Machine Cost (1 line)

No. Commodity Items Qty Unit Price($) Total Price($)
1.1 100m3 PVC Silos (Option) 2 92,310 184,620
1.2 100m3 CaCO3 Silos (Option) 2 92,310 184,620
1.3 100m3 Recycled Silos (Option) 1 92,310 92,310
2.1 Bag dump station & Dosing & conveying systems 1 537,000 537,000
2.2 Fuxin SRL-W1300/4500 1 127,500 127,500
3.1 110mm Connical Extrusion Line 1 516,000 516,000
4 UV Coating Line 1 330,810 330,810
4.1 Auto Loading & Unloading for UV Line 1 73,930 73,930
5.1 Auto Loading and conveying for Sawing 1 145,720 145,720
5.2 Sawing Machine 1 30,750 30,750
5.3 The floor edge material pulverizer(Option) 1 45,000 45,000
5.4  6+6 Profiling Line 1 780,000 780,000
5.5  i4F Tools for Click System 3 51,000 153,000
5.6 Dust Collection System 1 81,430 81,430
5.7 Dust Collection System Buffer Silo 1 42,860 42,860
6 Cushion Pad Laminating Line(Option) 2 94,290 188,580
6.1 Transffering into Packaging 2 51,000 102,000
7.1 Automatic Packaging Machine 1 329,700 329,700
7.2 Auto unlaoding for Packaging 1 58,050 58,050
7.3 Film Warping Machine and Belt 1 67,500 67,500
8 Online QC Inspection System(Option) 1 350,550 350,550
9.1 Recycling System for SPC Boards 1 135,000 135,000
9.2 Recycling System For SPC Floor Trims (Option) 1 78,000 78,000
  FOB Shanghai Price (without any Options) 3,511,250
  FOB Shanghai Price(Included all Options) 4,634,930

5. Risk Assessment 

From the perspective of the global market of SPC flooring sales, the business in Europe and the United States is relatively high, or there are risks such as exchange rate fluctuations, trade protection and the escalation of the global Covid-19 epidemic.

1. Risk of market demand fluctuation: Currently, SPC products are widely accepted in European and American countries, or there may be large fluctuations in European and American economies due to the impact of the epidemic, so there is risk of market demand fluctuation of SPC.

2. Risk of intensified industry competition:SPC industry has a good prospect, and there may be more participants in the industry in the future, and the risk of intensified market competition.

According to the data, the market share of China’s top export company in 2019 is only 8.7%.

It indicates that the market of SPC industry is scattered and the degree of concentration is low, or there is a risk of intensifying competition of low-price homogenized products.


3. Raw material price fluctuation riskSPC flooring raw materials include PVC powder, Caco calcium carbonate, other plastic additives, etc., in 2020, the price of PVC rose from 5100 to 7030, the increase rate is more than 37.84%, other raw materials also increased 30-45%, if the price of raw materials continue to fluctuate substantially or have a certain impact on the operation of SPC project.

4. Management risk:the risk of dependence on senior management team and technical personnel, as well as SPC project scale expansion or certain management risk;Several well-known SPC flooring factories in China have encountered great resistance in setting up factories in the United States. Due to the problems of the epidemic situation, work visa, culture or technical personnel’s family, it is inconvenient to dispatch them. As a result, there is not enough management team and technical personnel to serve in the project for a long time, which will cause the influence of the SPC project.

Starsplas is the first company in the world to innovate in the whole SPC plant planning and output, and to serve and guarantee the project until the successful operation. It is also the only company with independent successful factory building experience in the United States at present.We will provide two teams of project site service and project support service to cooperate with the management of the project to reduce the project operation risk of the customer.

Project site service Project support services
General Project Leader Project plan administrator
Project Processing Engineer Project quality control manager
Project joint electrical engineer Project parts manager
Mechanical engineer of project joint adjustment Project raw material manager
Project SOP training and translation Project after sales manager

You can get the following technical support from Starsplas:

  • lFactory Layout Design
  • lInstallation Design with Wire drawings
  • lInstallation Guidance for Mechanical, Electrical, Software
  • lProject Manager Supervision
  • lFactory Acceptance Testing
  • lDelivery Plan
  • lCustoms Clearance
  • lSite Installation with Third Parties
  • lSite Acceptance Testing
  • lSOP Training
  • lProduction Guarantee
  • lQuality Control System
  • lContinuous Improvement Plans


5. Technical patent risk:SPC locking flooring uses a patent company that is engaged in the development of floor locking and related technologies.At the same time, the cooperation between the company and the patent company is stable, and the patent license agreement has a long term of validity. It is expected that the company will continue to maintain long-term and stable cooperation in the future.In addition, because there is more than one patent company, competition and checks and balances among patent companies give flooring manufacturers a certain degree of choice.

In addition to the floor locking technology, Industrial joint professional floor other patents research and development, including, LED cold light ultra-wear-resistant coating, floor heating floor technology, water-based environmental protection ink color film technology.

LED cold light UV curing technology promotes the high speed development of SPC industry. Light curing technology is to use UV LED curing equipment that can emit pure ultraviolet light to irradiate coatings or objects to be cured. It is to achieve curing and deep curing in a very short time, thereby improving production efficiency and quality. UV LED curing machine is popular because of its high efficiency and energy saving, and UV LED curing machine has long life span and good stability. At present, there are UV LED curing machines running on the client side for three years without any fault, which is quite cost-saving for customers.

See the link for more details: http://www.starsplas.com/breakthrough-in-led-curing-coating-for-spc-flooring-technology/


6. Conclusion

According to the authoritative statistics of the McKinsey Global Institute, China’s urban population will reach 926 million by 2025, an increase of 350 million.There will be 221 megacities with populations of 1 million and 23 megacities with populations of more than 3 million.The demand for 40 billion square meters is equivalent to 20,000 to 50,000 skyscrapers with more than 30 stories, about the size of 10 New York City buildings. With the advantages of convenient construction, environmental protection, waterproof and skid prevention, PVC flooring products have been widely used in the above fields, and are gradually expanding to the family decoration market. In the future, with the steady development of real estate, early childhood education, pension and other industries, it will be conducive to the rapid growth of SPC flooring market demand. With the Broad market prospect and increasing demand for SPC, the project can be very development-friendly.

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