Food Packaging Project


Marketing View:

Everybody need food everyday with 3meals mostly.

In India, One billion three hundred million people need food, Just like China, more and more people need Take-out food, it brings huge need for fast food packaging.

On demand food delivery has skyrocketed in the past year. With new meal kit companies popping up every day, offering easy take-out for your customers are imperative.

fresh food package

And the packaging is not only used in Take-out meals, it also used for Biscuits, sandwiches, fresh fruits, soft drinks, Yoghourt, eggs, vegetables, frozen foods etc.

Biscuits with jam toppings in retail package



Environment friendly:

Source reduction is becoming widely acceptable in our society in hopes of eliminating waste and protecting the environment. Manufacturers are taking advantage of this solution using the three R’s of sustainability: reduce, reuse, and recycle. This 3-step process generates new paths explored by Gen Xers and Millennials as they are more versed in saving the environment through various source reduction programs.

Here, we mark environmental solutions as a high priority by making conservational moves in the food packaging industry. For example of Smart Set Pro, a collection of microwave safe containers are designed to be reused, as they are dishwasher safe and recyclable. High in quality and in value, these sustainable containers are perfect for signature menu items and are revolutionary for the ever evolving dine-in, take out, and home delivery platforms. In addition, it’s comprised of textured polypropylene, which is cool to the touch and 20% lighter compared to other competitor options.

Investment Evaluation:

No. Item CIF Mumbai Price Remark
1 Plastic(PP/PE/PET) Sheet Roller Machine

Plastic(PP/PE/PET) Sheet Roller Machine



It`s an optional for you, many users just buy the Sheet Roller on marketing for production, so the machine is not necessary to buy in the initial phase.
2 Plastic Container Forming Machine

Plastic Container Forming Machine


(Highly recommend)

1kind of plastic container need 1 set of forming mold.

All of the know-how will training to you, and only 2-3 person can work with this machine

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