GLS Metal detectors installed in belt conveyor or chute systems


Main features

Metal detector

Metal detector

  1. Channel type metal detector with high precision installed in belt conveyor or chute system
  2. Used to protect machinery and equipment, quality control, broken needle monitoring (back end of injection molding machine), etc
  3. Closed coil system, 200 coil sizes to choose from, to provide customers with the perfect solution

High precision:

For example, 0.67mm iron ball

(Coil size 250×150 mm)

  1. High accuracy can be achieved inside the channel: such as 0.67mm iron ball (channel size 250x150mm)
  2. Closed coil system, 200 coil sizes to choose from, to provide customers with the perfect solution
  3. Genius + controller provides data display and memory storage for 240 different products
  4. Smaller non-metallic areas
  5. Easy to install in the belt conveyor system
  6. The function of automatic learning to compensate for product effects can also be set to manual adjustment, which can better adjust the best testing effect for each product on site.
  7. Preset controller parameters so that non-technical operators can operate easily.


Working conditions

  • Materials

Bulk material or individual items

The temperature does not exceed 80℃

Working conditions

Working conditions

  • Installation requirements

Directly installed in the belt conveyor system

The belt loop can be connected in or out of the channel

Standard delivery speed: 0.1m/SEC — 2.1m/SEC. Speeds beyond this range are available according to specific requirements


Working principle

Working process

Working process

  1. Belt conveying system          2. Metal detector             3. Conveyor

The material passes through the tunnel through a belt conveyor system.

Metal impurities change the electromagnetic field in the channel.

The controller records this change and translates it into a metal signal – the conveyor belt stops operating.





  1. It is installed in belt conveying system, material trough, vibration blanking system, etc.
  2. Protect the following equipment: crusher, crusher, calender.
  3. It is often used for quality control.

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