Glue machine for artificial turf Steps:

  • Put the back of the long strip of artificial turf planted with artificial grass tufted upward, and together with the bottom cloth, wind it to the drying cylinder, the first driving roller, the second driving roller, the cooling cylinder and the third driving roller through the compound driving roller successively;
  • A glue spraying or scraping device is arranged before the compound driving roller. At the same time, the artificial lawn and the bottom cloth move together, spraying glue or scraping glue to the back of the artificial lawn;
  • The drying cylinder is heated to the set temperature, and when the artificial lawn and the bottom cloth pass through the drying cylinder together, the grass silk root of the tufted tufted is flattened and fixed through the solidification of glue, so that the artificial lawn and the bottom cloth compound into a whole;
  • The solidified and connected artificial turf and bottom cloth are cooled by the cooling cylinder and then sent to the cutting or packaging process for processing.

Glue machine for artificial turf Equipment configuration

Device name Remarks
Track sewing machine Sew the lawn in half
Portable J box Storage blanket, composed of 140×80 square steel tube, can be moved left and right adjustment, with left and right travel limit automatic control switch. Storage billet blanket 60 meters above.
Gluing device Adopt the reverse gluing process. Steel structure gluing platform, thickened square tube group welding finished, equipped with rotary wear-resistant rubber scraper, turbo worm Angle adjustment.
PU mixing foam device “Using two-component mixing technology and equipment, large flow automatic foaming conveying process, raw material conveying system, temperature control system, circulation system, automatic cleaning device are intelligent control”
Operating mechanism platform Carpet hanging pin. The needle plate is made of 4mm thick copper plate.
Amplifying machine Stretch the carpet, adjust and correct the width of the carpet hanging needle, and match the double nylon wheel press needle device to prevent the bottom cloth from falling off the needle (key part). Equipped with infrared tracking and correcting device.
Carpet pinto conveyor Three-roll rotary support conveyor.
oven Natural gas heating, frequency conversion automatic control, automatic temperature control according to the set parameters.
Environmental protection waste gas treatment device The gas discharged from oven was purified by microporous activated carbon adsorption process.
Punching device Using multiple rows of electric soldering iron to carry out automatic hot hole continuous operation on the lawn.
Inspection equipment Check the front and back sides of the lawn in the process of production line operation, and repair the quality problems found
Winding device Curl and pack the finished lawn products

Main technical parameters

Maximum width of lawn carpet 5 meters. Stretching machine expansion range of 4-5 meters.
Equipment operating speed 3-5 meters/min, annual output of 5 million square meters.
Lawn carpet coating technology Reverse gluing (back of carpet)
Equipment heat source Natural gas
Maximum operating temperature of oven 150℃
Net area occupied by equipment The total length of the equipment is 78 meters, among which the oven is 38 meters long, 7.6 meters wide, 3.5 meters high, and 8 sections of heating box.
Total power of equipment 230KW
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