Green Building Materials Welcome the New Year Policy


On February 6, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and The State Council issued the Outline for Building a Quality Country.

The Outline mentioned that the quality of building materials should be improved. We will accelerate the research and development and application of new building materials with high strength and durability, recyclability, and green environmental protection, and promote the upgrading of traditional building materials such as steel, glass, and ceramics, and improve the performance and quality of building materials.

The Outline also pointed out that we should vigorously develop green building materials, improve green building materials product standards and certification evaluation system, and advocate the selection of green building materials. Encourage enterprises to establish a full-life cycle quality control system for the production, construction and installation of prefabricated building parts, and promote on-site supervision of prefabricated building parts.

Implement the lifelong responsibility of building materials production and supply units, strictly enforce the quality responsibility of building materials users, and strengthen the whole process quality management of key building materials that affect structural strength, safety and durability. Strengthen the quality supervision of building materials, increase the quality supervision and random inspection of key building materials such as external wall insulation materials, cement, wire and cable, and implement the response treatment of defective building materials and quality traceability. We will carry out special renovation of building materials in key areas such as housing and public buildings, and promote the quality improvement of the building materials industry across the whole chain from production to construction.

Green Building Materials Welcome the New Year Policy

Many localities issued documents to promote the development of green building materials

In addition to the central government attaches great importance to promoting the development of green building materials, there have also been a number of recent issuance of green building materials related programs, aimed at responding to the national call to promote the construction of quality power, and comprehensively improve the overall level of quality in China.

A few days ago, Henan Province issued the “Henan Province carbon peak Implementation plan”, which, for the building materials industry carbon peak, the document proposed that we should strictly implement capacity replacement, accelerate the withdrawal of inefficient production capacity, and guide the building materials industry to light, intensive, and product-based transformation.

Encourage building materials enterprises to use fly ash, industrial waste slag, tail slag, etc., as raw materials or cement mixtures. We will accelerate the certification and application promotion of green building materials, and strengthen the research and development and application of low-carbon building materials such as new cementitious materials and wood and bamboo building materials.

Green Building Materials Welcome the New Year Policy

In addition to Henan, Xinjiang, Chongqing, Ningxia and other places have also announced the implementation plan of carbon peaking in urban and rural construction, clearly proposing to further increase the contribution of green building materials, green buildings, green communities, energy and resource utilization to social carbon emission reduction. Promote carbon peak in building materials industry. We will accelerate the certification and application of green building materials.

Among them, Chongqing proposed to promote the application of parts and technologies such as the overall kitchen and bathroom, light partition wall, pipeline separation, dry construction method, and promote the delivery of new residential decoration, and by 2030, prefabricated buildings accounted for 40% of new urban buildings in the year. We will promote the application of green and low-carbon building materials. By 2025, the proportion of green and low-carbon building materials in the application of new urban buildings is not less than 70%, and by 2030, it will increase to 80%

Green Building Materials Welcome the New Year Policy

In the field of green building materials, the recent frequent policy programs of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, The State Council and local governments, the real estate industry and the downstream home building materials field continue to oscillate, and the industry will usher in major benefits.

Guotai Junan, a well-known brokerage, believes that the absolute value of current real estate sales, as well as the first conversion of central state-owned enterprises in August, all mean that real estate sales have reached the absolute bottom area, and new construction is expected to bottom out before 2023H1. The infrastructure capital is abundant, and it is also expected to land physical workload in 2023, and the building materials sector is expected to usher in a recovery in 2023.

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