High Plough Shear Mixer

High Plough Shear Mixer

High Plough Shear Mixer is also called plough shear Mixer,  which is widely used for powder, granule, and small liquid additives handling food additives, mortar, fertilizing, sludge, plastic, and special building material.

High Plough Shear Mixer

High Plough Shear Mixer consists of a cylindrical drum containing plough shaped mixing elements that are mounted on a horizontal shaft. It creates a mechanical fluidized bed mixing action. The mixing tools project and hurl material away from the wall into free space in a crisscross direction, and inversely back again. The plow separates and lifts the product into three-dimensional motion, while the number and arrangement of the tools insure agitation back and forth along the length of the vessel. When required, the mix action is assisted by high speed chopper devices–independent high-speed motors with customized blades for adding shear to the product mix.

Typical applications include homogenous mixing of pastes, rubber, heavy plastic mass, food, pharmaceutical, chemicals etc.It’s same with Spiral Ribbon Mixing Blender Machine.

This high plough shear mixer is a horizontal mixer with cylindrical drum and horizontally installed mixing shaft. The mixer is designed for heavy duty blending of both dry and wet material. Plough shape shovels mounted on a central shaft with its sharp ends easily penetrate through the dense powder and thick pasty mass. Extra shear can be attained by adding side mounted choppers.

High Plough shear mixer

Advantages of Plough Shear Mixer

1.   Horizontal Plough Mixer consists of four parts: Transmission part, Agitator, Round Container, High-speed cutter.

2.   Two kinds of Transmission parts: Direct Connection type ( It can be installed as required to solve space problem.), Divided type (Chain driving and Belt driving).

3.   The high-speed rotation coulter of the agitator disperse the materials from the axial direction, it also makes simple circle movement along the container.

4.  The cutter in the mid rotates at a speed of 1440rpm to assist the materials mixing and agglomerate dispersing and depolymerization.

5.  On special condition, the cutter speed can designed up to 2800rpm.

6.  The round Container can be with door for easy cleaning.

7.  The exterior side can be with jacket for cooling or heating.

8.  The container side seal type: Packing Seal, Hermetic Seal and Mechanical Seal.

9.  The bottom discharging can be pneumatic type, electric type and manual type.

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