How can we build a green and healthy home without the new ecological SPC floor of Starsplas


The traditional view of health is “health without disease”, while the modern view of health is comprehensive health. In addition, in the recent two years, we have experienced the major test of the epidemic, and people spend more time at home, which makes us pay more attention to the health of the home environment.

As for the health of the home environment, the primary concern remains environmental protection. In the process of home decoration, whether it is wall, floor, wooden door, or wardrobe and cabinet, the choice of environmentally friendly and healthy plate has become the common sense of the majority of consumers. And the choice of wood floor has become the most critical step of home decoration, because we always come into contact with wood floor in life, so choose a good environmental health green ecological floor becomes crucial.

Many floor brands on the market have made it clear that nature, environmental protection, green, ecological will be the constant trend of the floor industry. Since its establishment in 2016, Starsplas has always adhered to the six green brand management philosophy of “green design, green intelligent manufacturing, green products, green supply, green service, green public welfare”, committed to the research and development and production of healthy and environmentally friendly spc flooring, invested heavily in scientific research and development and ecological manufacturing, the pursuit of excellence, to serve the society.

Some of the advantages of SocGen’s new Eco SPC Flooring:
(1) On the base material: Starsplas New Ecological SPC floor is upgraded on the basis of solid wood composite floor. A complete core material is used in the middle of the board. The structure of core material is close to solid wood, but more stable than solid wood;
(2) Process: Each process of the production of Starsplas New ecological SPC floor is in strict accordance with national standards, which can be used at ease;
(3) In terms of technology: Starsplas New Ecological SPC floor breaks through the technological barrier, and eliminates the density board on the premise of ensuring product quality, which greatly improves the green attribute of products; At the same time, the backplane adopts the technology of wood and wear-resistant layer: the appearance is more beautiful, the structure is more symmetrical, the product is more stable, and the wear-resistant layer also plays a good role in moisture-proof;
(4) Decorative paper: Starsplas New Ecological SPC floor surface decoration layer adopts imported big brand decorative paper; Brand color, fashion, easy to match style;
(5) Environmental protection: Starsplas New Ecological SPC floor base material is highly uniform fiber factor, effectively curb the volatilization and release of harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and environmental protection level reaches E0 standard, truly create a comfortable and healthy living environment.

Starsplas’ SPC flooring production line uses a fully automated production and inspection system, which enables SPC flooring to be manufactured at a low cost and high efficiency. Customers who have worked with Starsplas have been very satisfied with our equipment.

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