How do we choose affordable quality SPC lock floor?


SPC lock floor is made of polyvinyl chloride (divided into pure new material, mixed material, recycled material, which will be used below), calcium powder (classification grade also has the grade of stone powder) and solvent (there are chemical grade also use vegetable solvent food grade). Through the wear-resisting layer of colour film of hot compress of high temperature extension again, PVC, uv process is passed after cooling treatment (decide floor fights fouling performance and insolation ultraviolet ray illuminate do not change color performance). Finally the floor cuts out slot craft (the part decides the floor to lock strength, bearing force), finally box packing (whether there is damage in transporting).

SPC lock floor

Seven steps to identify SPC lock floor

1) Look at the color:

mainly look at the color of “SPC base material”, the color of pure material is beige. The mixture is gray, cyan and white. The recycled material is gray black and black. There are many levels of cost.

2) Feel:

SPC base material feels delicate and moist. The recycled material and mixture feel dry, no moisture. Whether the flatness and fit of two pieces are good after splicing.

3) Smell:

There are some very bad ones that will have a little smell. Most of the ones that contain recycled materials and mixtures can still have no smell.

4) Light (light transmittance) :

The flashlight of mobile phone is exposed to the floor, with good light transmittance, and the admixture and recycled materials are opaque. Or very poor light transmission.

5) Thickness:

If conditions permit, it is best to use calipers or micrometers to measure the floor thickness. The actual thickness is about 0.2mm more than the marked thickness, which is normal.

6) Break lock buckle:

Floor edge female buckle (namely lock the part that leaks out much) part, force break lock buckle. The strength of the poor quality is not very big, and the strength of the pure new material will be much bigger, and it is not easy to break.

7) Tearing:

This is not easy to operate, it is necessary to collect several pieces of samples from several businesses, and conduct damage and combing in the corner part. The color film layer and SPC base material part of the destruction tear, see the color film layer and the base material bonding strength. This will determine whether it is easy to peel during use in the next few years. The bonding strength of pure new material is the largest, followed by others. If you can’t operate it doesn’t matter, basically through the appeal step to judge the quality of the business product this index will not be bad.


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