How to complete installation during the Covid 19?


Realwear hmt-1 Head mounted ai computer

1.Product introduction

Realwear HMT-1, as a hands-free AI computer, meets high quality standards, protection class: IP-66 dust and water (completely prevent foreign objects from entering), 2 meters drop. Can be used in severe weather conditions or dangerous environment. No scrolling, swiping or clicking, just simple voice commands, can be used in noisy industrial environments.

The difference between with or without Hmt-1

Hmt-1 uses Android 8.1 to provide secure and scalable software solutions. Solutions include hands-free industrial productivity applications that support multi-language control, multimedia, real-time file transfer, remote expert guidance, and multi-person collaboration. The three characteristics are: safety, efficiency and intelligence. Help industrial workers work efficiently.

In terms of safety, 33% reduction of pre-training to on-site preparation. Productivity increases by 15-20% on average compared to industrial flat panels. It also improves employee troubleshooting capabilities, enhances compliance and improves availability and customer satisfaction.Hmt-1

It is mainly used in manufacturing, automobile, petrochemical and telemedicine industries.

2.The possibility of combining with SPC Flooring Machine Installation

Starsplas purchases RealWear AR head-mounted device,used for transnational business communication.

During the epidemic, the internshipSPC Flooring Machine Installation and overseas business trips are affected.RealwearHmt-1(head-mounteddevice)solved this matter of great urgency.

RealWear HMT-1,full voice control,free hands,Dedicatedto remote real-timeonline communication between SPC Flooring Machine Installation department and customers .


Show the installation of SPC Flooring assembly line to the customer,Realze the function of real-time on-site technical communication and remote guidance work ,Changed the traditional on-site mold trial and inspection mode.Customers are like being on site and understand the mold status in real time.

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