Industry science: plastic, rubber, flax elastic floor source


Starsplas is a professional spc floor extrusion line manufacturer and supplier from China. And you kown what about plastic, rubber, flax elastic floor source?

More than 130 years ago, the Dutch Walton invented the linen floor, creating a new process and structure of the floor material, subsequently, this product process and concept gave birth to the elastic floor of rubber floor, plastic floor, together constitute a new series of ground material: elastic floor.

As the name suggests, a bouncy floor is a soft, elastic floor.

plastic floor extrusion line

This article from four aspects to understand the relevant classification.To look at the product from different angles is to classify it and understand it faster and more accurately:

Point 1: the main components

See the name know its composition: plastic floor, rubber floor, linen floor. Because of all imported products, different names, similar names are: pvc floor, floor glue, floor glue, rubber floor, stone plastic floor… Etc., are classified elastic floor, but the composition is different.

Point 2: Shape of the floor

Because the elastic floor can be crimped, there is one more form: the width of the roll is greater than 1m, and the roll packaging is transported and stored. The other is called sheet material or block material length and width less than 1mm, block or sheet packaging transportation storage.

Point 3: Structure of the floor

Single-layer structure and homogeneous material, called homogenous transcore; Multi-layer structure and different materials, called composite multi-layer; One half is permeable and the other half is composite, which is called a semi-homogenous structure.

Point 4: Use of design

According to the European standard EN685- flexible floor classification standard, it is divided into three categories: civil floor, commercial floor and industrial floor. In addition, according to some special uses, but also refined professional sports floor, conductive electrostatic/antistatic/antistatic floor, non-slip floor, ladder floor, wall plastic… And so on.

Elastic floor variety, as far as possible to design their own pattern characteristics, so that our life from the public and separate their own personality. The choice of decoration and materials is the art of “regret”. Only by reflecting on defects can progress be made.

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