Injection Blow Molding Machine MSZ60S

Injection Blow Molding Machine MSZ60S

Injection blow molding machine is good at making small plastic bottles or containers like medical bottle, pharmaceutical bottle, cosmetic bottle, jar, shampoo bottle etc.

Injection Blow Molding Machine

Nowadays, plastic products are everywhere around us. PE material is widely used as container for liquid chemicals/medicine, beverage, pharmaceutical for its innocuous and stable characteristics. StarsPlas Plastic Injection Blow Molding Machine (IBM) was developed to make these products.


Medical bottles made by IBM

Injection Blow Molding Machine-Medical Bottles


When it comes to life and health, there is absolutely no compromise. StarsPlas injection blow molding machine  and other automated machinery provide total packaging solution .We ensure that the plastic product meets the latest GMP quality standards of pharmaceutical packaging. Both our injection blow molding machine and all automated machines have won the trust of leading pharmaceutical companies. As a result, with our flexible injection-blow solution, you can keep pace with market demands and deliver the highest quality products to your customers.
Production optimization — Based on detailed professional data analysis to develop economic configuration for our customers.
Consistent accuracy— To achieve a stable production process and a high standard of mass production , achieving accurate results consistently.
Perfect expertise — Victor, the industry leader in injection blow molding technology, has years of manufacturing experience and expertise in pharmaceutical packaging products.


Machine Characteristics

Plastic Injeciton Blow Molding Machine Mould

Horizontal injection system, plasticing reliable and operation easy.

Single crossbeam style clamping system, easy for mould amounting.

Variable delivery pump or dual-proportional than same level machine.

Precision Machining

Plastic Injection Blow Molding Machine-Mould


High Production Volume

High Performance

Energy Saving servo driving system, make energy saving 25% to 45%.

Automatic Solution

Plastic Injection Blow Molding Mahicne-Automation Flow Diagram

Machine Price: $50,000 FOB Shanghai Port

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