Installation Training of Extrusion Line


Installation Training of Extrusion Line

Details of Installation Process

1.Mark the center line

Matters Needing Attention!

  • All equipment installation shall be based on the center line

2.Install the mold:

  • place the mold on the shelf and fix it (the screws need to be tightened, and the mold should not shake)
  • adjust the height of the mold to connect with the main port
  • Use a level ruler to measure and keep the mold level, and finally tighten the screw at the back of the mold to connect the mold with the main machine.
  • If the mold cannot be adjusted to the horizontal level, it can be adjusted to the horizontal level again by tapping the track below the mold or adjusting the height of the fixing screw under the mold.

3.Install funnel :

  • lift the funnel to the connection port with the main engine

4.Install the five roller calender: 

  • First determine the position and lay the track.
  • Lift the five roller calender onto the track
  • Continue to lay a section of track and fix it to the ground

5.Install membrane covered platform: 

  • First lift the membrane covered platform, install four columns, and fix and tighten with screws
  • Lift another platform, tighten the screws to fix it, and finally install the outer support frame

6.Install the motor:

  • outside the calender

7.Install outer frame : 

  • First install the square frame outside the calender and tighten the screws to connect it with the calender
  • Fixed track and motor rack

8.Install fixed frame support and long bracket: 

  • first, install two small brackets on both sides of the calender to clamp the long bracket
  • Install the long bracket, clip the long bracket into the calender, screw on the screw and fix it
  • Installation of stairs (stairs need to be assembled at first) (the connection platform at the top of stairs needs to be tightened)

9.Connect the long frame with the tractor:

  • Tighten the screws of the interface between the long frame and the tractor, and install the rear tractor bracket

10.Install the shearing machine: 

  • Install the outer connecting bracket of the shearing machine, and tighten the screws corresponding to the slot
  • Connect the shearing machine and the tractor

Matters Needing Attention!

  • the bracket composed of the shear and the tractor needs to have a certain radian

11.Install the oil temperature machine:

  • lift the three oil temperature machines and place them on the bottom plate of the square shelf outside the calender

12.Install the side line slot of the calender:

  • Assemble the line slot first, then bury the lines

13.Install the balustrade on the laminating platform 

14.Install the conveying roller and tighten the connecting port 

15.Install the electric cabinet

  • The membrane covered platform, calender and tractor can be controlled by the electric cabinet.

Matters Needing Attention!

  • Installation of specific circuit shall follow the circuit diagram of electric cabinet

16.Install platform cabinet 

  • Hang the platform cabinet on the column outside the calender
  • The cabinet control the translation of the platform from left to right

Matters Needing Attention!

  • The cabinet should be installed according to the circuit diagram

17.Install the mechanical gripper 

  • Install base of manipulator bottom
  • Install oil/water separator
  • Install the conveying rollers on the platform of mechanical gripper
  • Fix the upper crawler of the mechanical gripper

Matters Needing Attention!

  • Oil/water separator is used to adjust the pressure of the suction cup

18. Install thermocouple 

  • Use thermocouple wiring to connect the mold to the temperature monitor of the main control cabinet
  • Connect the plug for industrial use

19.Install edge cutting equipment 

  • Install on the outer bracket of the calender

20.Install the T-shaped parts under platform 

21.Install the wiring of the main control cabinet 

Matters Needing Attention!

  • Install and connect the wires according to the circuit diagram

Install the wiring of the main control cabinet

  • Specific connection:

Connect the motor wires to the main control cabinet

Connect the frequency changer wires

Connect the frequency changer wires

From left to right, connect the heating wires, fan wires and thermocouple wires

Connect the feeding motor wires to the main control cabinet

Connect mould heating wires

Connect thermocouple wires to the main control cabinet and mould

Confluent core heating

22.Install the fans 

  • Lift the fan set and install it on the conveyor, and fix the screws
  • Then put the fan set under the conveyer


23.Install the oil pipes 

  • Connect the tubing to the oil temperature machine
  • Install the oil pipes in sequence, from upper half to lower half

Matters Needing Attention!

  • A laminated plate is needed at the connection between the pipes to prevent oil leakage
  • The two pipes below the oil pipe are the inlet pipe and the outlet pipe, without distinction between left and right

24.Connect the orange hose to the roller of calender 

Matters Needing Attention!

  • The three rollers on the left are connected to the oil hoses, and the two rollers on the right are connected to the water hoses
  • There must be no shaking after both ends of the rubber hose
  • Below are the inlet and outlet water pipes (no distinction between left and right)

Requirements of Air and Power

Power supply: 480V/3P/60HZ

Total design power: 360KW

Actual power consumption: 250KW/H

Air pressure requirement: 0.6-0.8mpa


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