Key points of SPC floor formula


Key points of the formula

1. PVC resin:

Ethylene-based SG-5resin, good strength and toughness, environmental friendly.

2. Calcium powder:

As the large proportion of calcium powder added directly affects the cost of the formula, processing performance and the wear of the screw barrel and product performance, so we can not choose too coarse calcium powder, calcium powder fineness of 400-800 mesh is appropriate.

3. Internal and external lubrication:

Considering the long residence time of the material in the extruder at high temperature, the performance of the material and the peeling force, it is recommended to use high performance wax to control the use to a small amount, and to use different wax to meet the initial and medium and long-term lubrication requirements.

S60 Lubricant

S60 Lubricant

4. ACR:

Due to the high content of calcium powder in SPC flooring and high plasticization requirements, in addition to the type of screw and the control of processing technology, ACR must be added to help plasticization, and to ensure that the melt has a certain strength, and in the rolling process has a certain malleability.



5. Toughening agent-OPE:

the floor does not only need a low shrinkage rate, good rigidity, but also needs a certain toughness, It needs to balance the rigidity and toughness to ensure the solidity of the lock, not soft at high temperatures, and to maintain at low temperatures. CPE has good toughness, but a large amount of addition reduces the rigidity of PVC, as well as the Vicat softening temperature.



6. Dispersant-CPE:

Since there are many components and the addition ratio of calcium carbonate is relatively large, the infiltration and dispersion treatment of calcium carbonate and the dispersion of each component are very important.




PE wax is not only a lubricant, but also has a dispersing effect, However, the added amount will affect the balance of internal and external lubrication and melt strength, increase the shrinkage of the product, reduce the peeling force, and make the product brittle.



8. Recycle:

Try to use the company’s production of recycled materials and after processing of recycled materials.

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