Misunderstandings of Laminating Flooring


“Good goods are not cheap, cheap goods are not good goods”, is this sentence really universal in all aspects? For laminating flooring, is it really the more expensive the better?

I have seen a lot of homeowners buy wooden floors for a big price. But the final decoration effect is not satisfactory, and even the style of the whole home has been lowered by more than one degree. How to choose your own floor has always been an important part of the decoration. Today, I will help you to choose how to avoid “thunder spots” when choosing wooden floors.

First of all, expensive prices may not be able to buy “good” floors, because now the market is mixed with fish and dragons. There are many brands, production processes, and production processes are also different. And it is inevitable that unscrupulous merchants will maliciously raise or lower prices. Therefore, the cheaper the better, the more high-end the better, both of these statements are also biased. Then see if you have stepped on the following misunderstandings?

SPC Lock Flooring - Click Lock SPC Vinyl Floor Tile

SPC Lock Flooring – Click Lock SPC Vinyl Floor Tile

Buying cheap means taking advantage?

In order to control the production cost and profit of laminate flooring, the sales price of 0.8cm-thick floor made of aldehyde glue and melamine glue will not be less than 60 yuan, and the sales price of 1.2cm-thick floor will not be less than 80 yuan. Therefore, 60-80 yuan is the “warning line” for quality assurance of laminate flooring.

Is it better to buy large-size, color-free flooring?

Some people think that buying a floor with large specifications and no color difference will have fewer joints and be more beautiful. However, because the size of the floor is larger. The difference in tension between the inside and outside of the floor and the degree of wet expansion and shrinkage are also greater. In contrast, large-size floors are more prone to deformation. Therefore, for general furniture, the general floor length is about 0.6m. (After the stone plastic floor is spliced, the joints are almost invisible, and it is more integrated and perfect, as shown below)

Is it good that the floor installation effect is flat?

When installing the floor, some consumers like to install a layer of blockboard or particleboard after installing the keel. And then install the wooden floor. It seems that the wooden floor is installed on a real horizontal surface, but the problem is biased. On the bottoming materials, since these materials are all man-made boards, the wear resistance and durability will not be greater than that of wooden floors. Over time, although the floor is flat, the keel under the floor has been damaged. Therefore, the editor recommends not to lay a layer of artificial material underneath before laying the floor.

SPC floor display1

SPC floor display1

For precious wood species, what is more expensive is better?

Some people will ask for precious wood when buying wooden floors, and think that the higher the price, the higher the quality. In fact, the price of the floor is mainly determined by the degree of cherishment of the material to be purchased. But the degree of cherishment of the material is not directly proportional to the level of its quality, and the hardness of some cherished material is not higher than that of the general material.

In addition to the above four misunderstandings and accidents, there are two points to consider. One is to ensure the uniformity of the floor tone, and the other is to ensure the quality of the floor. As well as the service life and environmental protection indicators. As wood flooring is a product derived from wood, there are many types of flooring to choose from according to the texture pattern and color depth of the wood.

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