How to Mix Raw Materials for SPC Vinyl Flooring Rigid Core Plank Production? Mixing Solution


SPC Vinyl Flooring Rigid Core Plank Production Mixing Solution

Rigid Core Floor Production

What`s the formula for SPC Vinyl Flooring Rigid Core Plank Production?

The main materials of SPC Rigid Core Plank is limestone: the Molecular formula is CaCO3(Calcium carbonate), which is a common substance found in rocks as the minerals calcite and aragonite.

No. Item Formulation Reference Price Reference
1 CaCO3 (400mesh) 200-225kg 45~90$/Ton
2 PVC Resin (K-Value 67) 75kg 1100~1200$/Ton
3 Recycled PVC Chips 50-60kg 400~550$/Ton
4 Stabilizer 3.3-6.5kg 1850~1980$/Ton
5 CPE 4~6kg 2100~2280$/Ton
6 PE-Wax 0.5~0.7kg 1650~1760$/Ton
7 Lubricant 0.7~1.3kg 1950~2050$/Ton
8 ACR 3-4.5kg 2100~2250$/Ton


How to Mix the materials for SPC Rigid Core Plank Production?

There are 8 kinds materials in different percentage for mixing, so we have to weighing each of for each batch mixing.

Materials for SPC Floor

The High Speed Mixer with Cooling Blender is the best solution for the powders with powders addition mixing requested,

there are only Three model suitable for SPC Rigid Core Plank Production:


Model Service for Batch Size Capacity Motor Weight
SRL-W 800/2500 2×92 extrusion line 300kg 28.8T/day 110kw-22kw 8T
SRL-W 1000/3500 2×115 extrusion line 400kg 38.4T/day 160kw-37kw 11T
SRL-W 1300/4500 2×110 or 130 extrusion line 550kg 52.8T/day 200kw-37kw 12T

How to weigh  and feeding the materials in to Mixer?

There are some additives requires very less dosing and it`s very expensive, Starsplas has the patent for Automatic Dosing System in SPC flooring production,

which is ±0.5% precision tolerance, no human tough during the dosing. The Accurate dosing is the guarantee of SPC rigid core floor.

Full Automatic Mixing for SPC FLOORING

The modern SPC Rigid Core Plank Production floor factory gives very standard processing:  Main materials(CaCO3, PVC, Milled materials) will be transferred from the Storage Silo into a weighing receiver before loading into the High speed mixer, the additive powders will be transferred from the Storage bin go through the dosing screw into the rubber sensor weighing silo with ±0.05% precision.

Automatic Weighing for SPC Plank Floor Production

Automatic Weighing for SPC Plank Floor Production

The high precision is necessary, but if you have the budget in your SPC Rigid Core Plank Production project, there is an option for Semi Dosing System.

The Semi-weighing is very common in China, please find the processing as below:

Additives Powder Dosing

The semi feeding system requires all materials have to be weighed before putting into the Bag Dump Station. The Vacuum Loader will transfer the materials into the mixer;

Let`s make a calculation even based on the minimum output of SJSZ92/188 extrusion line: 14 tons / day. If we use the SRL-Z500-1000 High speed mixer, the batch size is 150kg.

So we need to mix 94 batches in 24 hours, we can`t image if we have 2 or 3 lines,  the 2 operators will be very busy and if they forgot,

the whole production line will stop and the screw and barrel will be easy broken.

SPC flooring Rigid Core Plank Production extrusion lines are different with the PVC skirting profile or PVC pipes. The ouput is 4~7 times more than that.

So most SPC flooring factory will install the Silos for storage and transfer for PVC and CaCO3. There are two options for the mian materials loading:

PVC Loading

In many traditional PVC factories, there are still many manual weighing.  That`s possible for PVC pipes or profiles,  normally the output is around 2~4 tons per day. Labor can do that well for 27batches weighing per day, just bring more than 5% waste as we can see in most factories.

Here is the traditional way for manual loading by screw loader, the dusty is terrible. Environmental Protection Agency has expressly prohibited that,

some factories has been shut down with the penalty, because they didn`t change anything for safety powder mixing job.

Dusty Mixing for Rigid Core Plank Production

Dusty Mixing for Rigid Core Plank Production

StarsPlas would like to share with you for all Automatic Mixing Experience in SPC flooring project,  please contact with us : [email protected]

Let`s make a better and clean SPC Flooring Rigid Core Plank Production Workshop Together!

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