National Building Materials and Home Furnishing Store Sales of 120.652 Billion Yuan in July


July by the high temperature and rainy and off-season effect, building materials and home end consumer demand is still weak.

On August 15, the Ministry of Commerce Circulation Industry Development Division of the standing, China Building Materials Circulation Association jointly released in July the national building materials home furnishing boom index BHI. the data show that the national above-scale building materials home furnishing stores in July sales of 120.652 billion yuan, down 3.61%, up 7.91% year-on-year; 2023 1-7 cumulative sales of 869.670 billion yuan, up 16.11%. up 16.11%. The national building materials and home furnishing boom index BHI was 117.68 in July, up 1.04 points from a year earlier and up 1.66 points year-on-year.

China Building Material Circulation Association Industry Research Department interpreted the analysis that in July by the high temperature and rainy and off-season effect, building materials and home terminal consumer demand is still weak, the market continues the traditional off-season market, the national building materials and home furnishing market as a whole, although the performance of the mediocre, but in this environment, but also shows enough toughness, BHI slightly up. Specific analysis is as follows:

As for the real estate market, since 2023, real estate policies around the world have been kept loose, but the downturn in the national real estate market has still not been alleviated. In addition to considering that policies have a certain lag effect, the real estate market in July still has weak purchasing power, lack of market confidence and other issues, market activity further declined, and supply and demand remain sluggish. On the market side, the new housing market in July, the overall volume of key cities pushed less than in June, the majority of cities in the property market transactions in a continued weak trend, the 100 city house prices continue to go down. According to the China Index Research Institute, in July 2023, the average price of new homes in 100 cities was RMB 16,177 per square meter, down 0.01% from a year earlier, the same rate of decline as the previous month; the year-on-year decline continued to expand to 0.17%.

As for the second-hand housing market, the listing volume of second-hand houses in some cities is still at a high level, and owners take the initiative to reduce prices to promote transactions, and the decline in second-hand housing prices has deepened. Data on second-hand houses showed that the average price of second-hand houses in 100 cities was RMB 15,685 per square meter, down 0.39% from a year earlier, which has been falling for 15 consecutive months, and the decline rate widened by 0.14 percentage points compared with that of June; the year-on-year decline rate widened to 2.04%.

By the current complex economic situation at home and abroad and the traditional summer off-season and other factors, building materials and home furnishing consumer willingness to enhance a certain degree of inhibition, and the national real estate market is closely related to the national building materials and home furnishing market performance in July was flat, BHI rose slightly 1.04 points, building materials and home furnishing sales above the size of the store but fell 3.61%.

From the BHI sub-indexes, this month’s leading index “Manager Confidence Index” value of 153.90, the first ring rose 22.99 points, down 13.41 points year-on-year, and its absolute value of 55.79 (higher than 50 bullish after the market, lower than 50 weak after the market), is located in the bullish after the city interval. Recently, the intensive introduction of policies to promote consumption, support for the private economy, building materials and home furnishings business confidence gradually return, superimposed on the upcoming peak season of sales, most of the building materials and home furnishings industry professional managers are expected to be good.

This month’s “employment rate index” value of 215.63, a slight increase of 0.72 points, a year-on-year decline of 40.42 points, the year-on-year decline ranked first. This year, under the multiple pressures of market pressure, intensified competition and rising costs, many building materials and home furnishing enterprises have gradually laid off employees and reduced wages, and the employment situation in the industry has become more and more severe. In the future, enterprises in the staffing will be more inclined to scientific and technological innovation and sustainable development of enterprises, the structural demand for highly skilled personnel will also increase.

The National Bureau of Statistics and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing released the July China Manufacturing Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) was 49.3%, up 0.3 percentage points from the previous month. The current policy is actively expanding demand, including “a number of measures to promote home consumption,” including the deployment of relevant policies to promote consumption or will accelerate the landing, the economy is expected to repair smoothly. It is recommended that the national building materials and home furnishing enterprises in the face of the current introduction of various favorable policies, must be carefully studied, actively respond, aim at the industry development trend, find a good starting point, in order to precipitate in the big waves, become real gold.

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