PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Production Line

PE Double wall corrugated pipe production line 1.adopts two steps type decompression screw,. 2.with specially mixing. Pe pipe line. Double wall corrugated pipe has a variaty applicaion in the world at present.

This PE Double wall corrugated pipe production line is suitable for the high speed extrusion of HDPE, LDPE, and PP material. HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Line adopts directly extruding (single extruder or two extruders’ co-extrusion) and forming technology, human-machine interface control system.

The use of double wall corrugated pipes is especially efficient for construction installations: household, industrial or pluvial sewer systems, drainage systems for roads, highways, railroads or for land reclamation, anti-flood systems, fountains etc.

Model OD range Extruder Output(kg/h) Total installed power(kw)
QD-63 20-63 SJ60/33 SJ25/25 120-220 130
QD-160 50-160 SJ75/33 SJ25/25 120-220 130
QD-250 75-250 SJ75/33 SJ25/25 280-350 280
QD-450 160-450 SJ90/33 SJ25/25 350-450 400
QD-630 315-630 SJ120/33 SJ25/25 550-850 550
QD-800 450-800 SJ150/33 J25/25 800-1300 750
QD-1000 600-1000 SJ150/33 SJ25/25 800-1300 750
QD-1200 800-1200 SJ150/33 SJ25/25 800-1300 900

PE Double wall corrugated pipe production line

PE double wall corrguated pipe production line

PE double wall corrguated  pipe production line adopts complicated mechanic head ,double combiated machine to production to provide material and spiral writhe .

For HDPE,you can choose high efficient single screw extruder.

For PVC,you can choose conical twin screw extruder or parallel twin downstream equipment.

The forming system of this line consists of mould and corrugator.The mould blocks can be easily changed and they may have air or water cooling.

Adopt to PLC control system it is more accurate more intellectualize control order makes the operation more simple. The production line is the single screw extruder in high efficiency, has the independent water and air circular system and form the double wall corrugated pipe by cooling water and compress air. Corrugated forming system with strong cooling ability operation more simple efficiency, The mould surface is nitrided, has the adjust equipment to adjust the wall thickness, it suitable for different diameters pipes. Extruder has air cooling and water cooling function.

PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe

1. light weight

2. high corrosion resistance

3. high ring stiffness

4. Insect prevention

Machine FOB Shanghai Price: 33,800$ ,

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