1.What is PE Foam Film?

The surface insulation cushion can make the whole bai ground from floating structure through the elasticity of nano-foam, cutting off the sound transmission effect Zhi of DU solid.

The anastomosis effect of the upper floor was improved and the acoustic impedance was enhanced. Through the tiny holes od nano-foam, the acoustic energy of the ear sensitive frequency band can produce cavity resonance, which can weaken the sound energy and reduce the noise.

The ground sound insulation cushion can also change the frequency of sound transmission and reduce the number of reflections through the resonant effect of nano-foam cavity, so as to achieve the purpose of isolating the impact sound.


2.Installation method of PE Foam Film?

1.Clean the floor flat first, and cut the floor sound insulation pad according to the required size before installation.

2.Lay the sound insulation pad on the ground, seal the joints with glue and the stick a layer of sealing tape on the joints to prevent sound transmission through the solid ground.

3.Avoid the formation of bubbles between the ground insulation pad and the ground during construction.

4.After the product is laid, cement and ceramic tile shall be immediately laid.



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4.How to buy PE Foam Flim?

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