Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine

Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine

Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine are heavy-duty, low-speed, high-torque machines used to “pre-cut” large volumes or bulky materials like plastic film bales,tires and rigid plastics. You will find our double shaft shredder being commissioned in a multitude of industries.


Waste Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine

Waste Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine is heavy-duty, low-speed, high-torque machines used primarily to “pre-cut” large volumes of material or bulky materials like plastic film bales, whole tires, and rigid plastics like thick boards, drums, and buckets. Due to its versatility, you will find our double-shaft shredders being commissioned in a multitude of industries including but not limited to:

1.  Rubber Recycling

2.  Metal recycling

3.  E-waste (electronics waste) or WEEE recycling

4.  Wood Recycling

5.  Destruction of products for liability issues such as sensitive documents including computer storage media such as harddisks, x-rays, expired goods, outdated stock, pharmaceuticals, etc.

6.  Size reduction in wastewater treatment plants and other municipal applications.

7.  Pre-cutting other solids such as destruction of foods, pallets, steel and plastic drums, furniture, construction debris, containers, corrugated boxes, packaging, labels, and other bulky materials.



1.  This machine is suitable to treat material which can’t be broken by single shaft shredder, such as bulk material, basket material, pipe, plate, timber, tires, large baled film etc.

2.  Thick plate frame precision machining of composite structures, large angle hexagonal columns of strong axis of rotation, large-diameter solid input hopper, so you can rest assured that a large input of raw materials

3.  The unique aspects of rotary knife is in thickness, shape, design and processing sequence, strong cutter, sharp blade, can efficiently break.

4.  PLC control system, when handling objects too large or too high, it has inverse operations and shutdown function to protect the body, foolproof security measures;

5.  Low-speed operation, low noise, less dust;6. Cutting tools is made up of special alloy steel, which is solid and durable.

Waste Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine  Waste Plastic Double Shaft Shredder Machine


 Parameter List

Model SS280/600 SS370/800 SS370/1000 SS450/1200 SS450/1600
Motor power 22KW 37KW 45/55KW 75/90KW 55KW*2
Blade Size(diameter*thickness) φ280*30 φ370*50 φ370*50 φ450*50 φ450*50
Blade Qty. 20 16 20 24 32
Inlet size 600*600 800*800 1000*800 1200*1000 1600*1000
Overall size 2200*1200*1800 2500*1300*2000 2800*1300*2000 3200*1400*2400 3300*1500*2500



1.  Simple adjustment of cutting gap;

    2.  Fast and easy replacement and adjustment of discs;

    3.  High throughput;

    4.  Long service life of the disc when sharpened;

    5.  Low residence time means lower thermal stress on the process material.


         Machine FOB Shanghai Price: 25,000$ ,

         More details, please contact us now!


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