Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveying System

Pneumatic Conveying System is the transport of bulk solids through a pipe by using the flow of air or other gas.

Pneumatic Conveying System is the transport of bulk solids through a pipe by using the flow of air or other gas.

Typical bulk materials pneumatically conveyed are powders, pellets, granules and irregularly shaped particles smaller than 20 mm [0.75 in]. The majority of pneumatically transported materials have a bulk density between 0.1 to 1 kg/dm3 [5 to 100 lb/ft3].

Pneumatic transportation can be built as a pressure or vacuum system. The most commonly applied pneumatic conveying mode is dilute phase conveying where particles are airborne. Depending on the size, shape and weight of the particles, the gas velocity will range from 4 to 40 m/s [4,000 to 8,000 ft/min]. Dilute phase conveying systems will work reliable for a wide range of materials with different characteristics, such as high bulk density, cohesive properties or extreme particle shapes. Due to the high air velocity material degradation or wear might appear.

There are various dense phase conveying methods available that gently convey a specific bulk material and therefore reduce the risk of material degradation and wear. In many cases, a dense phase pneumatic conveying system offers a higher quality end product which offers greater value to the user at the final destination.

Pneumatic Conveying System



Pneumatic Conveying System’s Principles:

When turn the button of pneumatic valve to the position of “open”, the air is compressed into vacuum pump, and produces vacuum, then the materials will automatically indraft mixing machine. After indrafting the materials, control by pressure transmitter, spin the pneumatic valve to the position of “closed”, then the air in the mixing machine disappears. Meanwhile, the compressed air stored in gas bag blows the filter in reverseCharacteristic:

1. Using compressed air as primary energy sources

2. According with GMP standard

3. Solving the stratification of powder and granules

4. The filters made of Ti will never be jammed and be abraded

5. Eliminate the static electricity

6. Made of nontoxic and corrosion resistant materials

7. Leakage free capsule, to prevent cross contamination

8. Materials are not adhering to the inner surface of the conveyor

9. Intelligent control and high automation

10. Modular structure, easy to clean and dismantle

11. Small and light, easy to install

12. Low noise and free from vibration

13. Energy saving and low running cost


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