Polyethylene Wax

Polyethylene Wax

1.What is Polyethylene Wax?

Polyethylene wax(PE wax), also known as polymer wax abbreviation polyethylene wax, It is widely used because of its excellent cold resistance, heat resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance. In normal production, this part of wax as an additive can be directly added to the polyolefin processing, it can increase the gloss and processing properties of the product.

As a lubricant, it has stable chemical properties and good electrical properties. Polyethylene wax is intermiscible with polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl acetate, ethylene propylene rubber, butyl rubber.

It can improve the fluidity of polyethylene, polypropylene, ABS and demultifying property of polymethacrylate and polycarbonate. Compared with other external lubricants, polyethylene wax has a stronger internal lubrication effect.


2.The main features of Polyethylene Wax

Polyethylene wax has low viscosity, high softening pint, good properties such as hardness, non-toxic, good thermal stability, high temperature and low volatile, the pigment dispersion, both excellent external lubricity, and strong internal lubrication, can improve the production efficiency of plastic processing, moisture resistant performance is good at room temperature, chemical resistant ability, excellent, can improve the appearance of the finished product.


3.Applications of Polyethylene Wax

Because it has very excellent external lubrication effect and strong internal lubrication effect, and polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene and other resin compatibility good characteristics, can be used as its lubricant in extrusion, rolling, injection processing.

(1)Excellent external lubricant in PVC profile, pipe, pipe fitting, foam board,   WPC products, etc. It has good late-period lubricating ability, and will bring more glossy appearance and lower processing torque.

(2)As efficient dispersant in masterbatch, filled masterbatch, modified masterbatch and functional masterbatch. It makes the products inorganic components and pigments dispersed better, and get more beautiful appearance.

(3)Excellent external lubricant in PVC stabilizer, especially in Ca-Zn stabilizer. Additional use suitable inner lubricant, it will highly improve the overall effect of stabilizer and increase the cost-effective correspondingly.

(4)Used in hot melt adhesives can better adjust the products viscosity and hardness, improve its fluidity.

(5)In paint, coating and the road marking paint, its main performance is heat resistance, deforming, leveling, anti-setting and dispersion. It can increase the products surface hardness, wear-resistance and anti-smearing properties.

(6)As modifier in paraffin wax, and improve the paraffin smelting point, crystallinity, etc.

(7)Releasing agent and protective agent in rubber.


4.Production method of Polyethylene wax

At present, there are three main production methods of polyethylene wax: one is polyethylene wax synthesized by oligomerization of ethylene monomer, such as polyethylene wax synthesized by free radical oligomerization; The other is polyethylene wax prepared by degradation of polymers. The third is the by-products in the synthesis process of polyethylene, such as polyethylene wax obtained by separation of by-products in the synthesis of high pressure polyethylene.





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