Power Dekor : TOP1 Chinese Laminate Floor Company Cooperated With StarsPlas


TOP1 Chinese Laminate Floor Company Cooperated With StarsPlas

Power Dekor | Dare Global | WPC Flooring Laminated Moldings


Power Dekor | Dare Global | WPC Flooring Laminated Moldings


Power Dekor (http://www.powerdekorna.com/) is A Dare Global group company,  Dare Global (Stock code : SZ000910) company name is: Dare Science & Technology Group Co., Ltd ranks No.90 on the list of “Top 500 Most Valuable Brands in China” and Top 1 with a value of over USD 6.394 Billion in China wood industry, announced by World Brand Laboratory (WBL).


On March 10th, 2018, the Dare Global (http://www.dareglobal.com/en/) released 2017 annual earnings report said the company adjustment and management system, optimize the allocation of resources, According to the financial annual report, the operating income was 7,048,258,292.10RMB($1,084,347,430.00 USD), year-on-year increase of 7.91%; The Operating profit was RMB 854,507,100.00($131,462,631.00 USD) , with a 61.45% increasing. Net profit was RMB 737,440,900.00(($113,452,446 USD), 38.06% increased comparing with 2016.

Power Dekor Sales Data

Dare Global have 4 main business — Home Industry, Package, Auto Parts and Transformation Industry.

Power Dekor is the key business of Dare Global, it was established in 1995, and primarily engage in developing, manufacturing, and distributing a variety of wooden products, including laminate floors, solid wood floors, engineered hardwood floors, MDF/HDF, furniture, wooden doors and other relevant products. Now they are just entering the WPC and SPC flooring industry, the mainly target marketing is in China, because of Power Dekor has 2,000 more distributors in China, and Chinese marketing requires refined residential decoration, there is a big volume for WPC and SPC Flooring.

Laminated WPC Mouldings

There are some necessary accessories – Flooring Moldings has a huge demand as well, it`s match with all type floorings, not only SPC, WPC or LVT, the laminating and Hardwood flooring also requires that, it`s light and not take space for exporting, so Power Dekor exported lots to overseas,  a strong and stable strategic cooperation relationship has been built between Power Dekor and Anderson in USA, and Wemhonest in Germany, and Sandvik in Sweden, etc. Till now, Power Dekor has 39 branches and more than 2300 specialty stores all over the world. The products have been exported to 33 countries and regions.


What`s the Application for WPC Flooring Moldings?

A series of Moldings will be installed with the floors, take a example, A stair cap is a simplified approach to cover the stair nose and extend out over the floor on the tread space. The cap will also extend below the nose to cover any transition between the nose and the riser. The diagram shows a simple stair nose that does not protrude out over the riser. Check with the star nose manufacturer for dimensions to be sure it will work for your application.

More details please visit this article:  http://www.starsplas.com/wpc-laminating-molding-for-flooring/

molding-stair-nose-cap-lam molding-stair-nose-overlap-any stairtreads-diagram_2



How to Produce the WPC Flooring Moldings?

The WPC Floor Mouldings was produced by the Extrusion machine for basic core, then laminated for the different color design according to floors.

More details please visit this article:  http://www.starsplas.com/wpc-laminating-molding-for-flooring/


What StarsPlas do for Power Dekor Flooring?

Power Dekor is following the standard processing, so the 1st step Formulation mixing has the same problem of all industry, even Power Dekor as ordered immediate rectification by Chinese government,

So Power Dekor was looking for the best solution of PVC Powder Automatic Mixing System for WPC Flooring Molding Extrusion Lines:

Dust Free, according to Chinese Governerment regulations, the dust exhaust limitation should be less than 10g/m3 ;

Labor Safe and Labor Save, it`s getting difficult to hire workers for mixing job even give a high salary. People know it`s very bad for health, and if any mistake the production will complain to mixing job.

Materials Saving, it`s very difficult to put 3% increasing in annual profit plan, but if we do something better, do you think it`s difficult for saving 3% in materials handelling?

More details please visit this article:  http://www.starsplas.com/spc-pvc-automatic-mixing-solution-system/

SPC Dosing Feeding Mixer System





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