PP PE Pulverizer

PP PE Pulverizer

PP PE Pulverizer is for recycling waste PP PE profile, profile, board, pipe,etc.PP PE Pulverizer is utilized to grind PP PE scraps into fine powder for recycling production waste in plastic industry.

PP PE Pulverizer

PP PE Pulverizer belongs to the disc-type pulverizer series, which disc diameter from 350mm to 800mm.This pulverizer is high speed, precision grinders for the processing of medium hard, impact resistant and friable materials, for example PE、PVC、PP、ABS、PA、EVA、PET、PS、PPS、EPS、PC、Foam、Cow leather and so on.

In plastic reprocessing after the types of plastic separated is a mechanical processing to run the plastic through the pulverizer. Pulverizer or pulveriser crushes the plastic into tiny shreds or granules.

Plastic pulveriser is the particular equipment,Pulverizer includes high output units which can be equipped with automatic temperature control. The material to be pulverized is fed centrally between a fixed and a high speed rotating pulveriser disc with centrifugal effect carrying the material through the processing zone before being discharged from the machine pneumatically.

PP PE Pulverizer

PP PE Pulverizer, grinding machine is an efficient shear type mill, its working part by a high speed rotating chute and a fixed a millstone composition.
PM series millstone mill has the following advantages:
1). material through time is short, generate heat less, it is the best heat-sensitive materials such as PE grinding equipment.
2). a millstone clearance can adjust, can be easily control the material mesh.
3). a millstone adopt high quality alloy steel manufacturing, can relapse grinding.
4). high output, low energy consumption, easy operation, etc.

PP PE Pulverizer PP PE Pulverizer

Parameter List

Model MF400 MF500 MF600 MF800
Diamete(mm) 400 500 600 800
Main(kw) 22 37 45 75
Weight(kg) 1580 2280 2680 3280
Dimensions(mm) 2800*2600*3700 3000*2800*3900 3200*3000*4200 4000*3500*4500
Granulate aus Pofilen kg/h 50-150 120-280 160-480 280-880


PP PE Pulverizer  PP PE Pulverizer

1). enclosed dust processing, to minimize the workshop dust.
2). adjustable electromagnetic vibration feed, the grinding chance starting current more stable.
3). cyclone separator discharging mouth shut fan installs the basic no dust, disclosure.
4). use high quality bearing, oil seal, and high quality guarantee equipment grease long-term normal operation.
6). high production efficiency, than old-fashioned turbine mill yield significantly.
7). grinding chamber door opens, but for grinding chamber fast cleaning.
8). and high quality parts, higher manufacturing requirements, and strict manufacture process ensure the equipment quality.
9). simple structure, reliable and durable. Modular design makes the equipment according to the size of the workshop in different directions installation.



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