PVC Automatic Dosing Feeding Mixing System


PVC Automatic Dosing Feeding Mixing System





1.  The system uses computer control system of industrial PC combined with PLC for real-time dynamic monitoring, stores a plurality of groups of formula.

2.  America Toledo bellows-type metering sensor and control meter can ensure the system’s dynamic stability and accurate measurement, the dynamic accuracy is plus or minus 3 per thousand. So the system also can reduce labor costs.

3.  Airbag type unique unloading device used, for you to eliminate viscous material ”bridging” trouble.

4.  The system pressure balance types centralized dedusting system so that each dust reduced to low leak point.

5.  The automatic material dosing feeding mixing system is fully enclosed conveying design, it can prevent secondary pollution and dust hazards.

6.  A variety of system combination model, to adapt to various plant conditions. It is suitable for plastics, rubber, chemical and food industry, such as PVC LVT vinyl flooring production line.


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