PVC Conical Double-screw Extruder

PVC Conical Double-screw Extruder

Conical Twin Screw Extruder (Two Pipes) or PVC Conduit Pipe Plant available in HPMC 51/105 model is extensively employed in fabricating rigid and plasticized PVC dry bends. It is technology enabled for producing a large number of small and big pipes within a very short period of time.

PVC conical double-screw extruder has advantages such as forced extruding, high quality, wide suitable range, long working life, small sharing speed, not easy to decompose of material, good plasticized character, and straight shaping of powder material and etc.
This extruder is equipped with AC/DC motor, auto temperature controller, vacuum exhausting device and other devices. This machine is suitable for production of pipe, plate, profile and etc

Model Screw Dia. L/D Max screw speed(rpm) Power of main motor(kw)
SJSZ-36 36 32-48 600 50-100
SJSZ-52 52 32-48 500 100-200
SJSZ-65 63 32-48 400/500 250-350
SJSZ-75 72 32-48 400/500 350-500
SJSZ-95 92 32-48 300 500-800

PVC Conical Double-screw Extruder

Conical Double-screw Extruder


Structure and Characteristics

1、Novel, fine appearance and compact structure save the space.
2、Frequency, direct current control and staged alarming system are easy to check up and repair.
3、High capability reducing torque distribution system.
4、With optimized design, the elaborate screws and barrel boast excellent plasticity.

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