PVC floor- Is it good to use for kindergarten ?


PVC flooring is a good choice. The particularity of kindergarten, PVC floor is the floor used in kindergarten. The floor that uses also should have the following a few characteristics:

1、The floor of kindergarten should be non-skid. Since it’s kindergarten. So the kindergarten floor must choose the floor with anti-skid function.

2、The kindergarten floor should be waterproof. Children often pull on the ground by accident. So the kindergarten floor should choose the wood floor with strong waterproof point.

3、Kindergarten floor to environmental protection. Children are the treasure of their parents. So choose kindergarten floor must pay attention to its environmental protection index.

4、The kindergarten floor should be wear-resistant. Kindergarten children often roll on the floor all day long. So the kindergarten floor to wear-resistant ability to use for a longer time. So should use kindergarten special floor!

PVC floor and Kindergarden

PVC floor and Kindergarden

We found that more and more kindergartens and educational institutions are using PVC flooring for paving. But why is early childhood education so in love with PVC floor? First, let’s analyze the shortcomings of other floors

Wood floor, because of its special technology, so must add formaldehyde. Marble is liable to radiation. Ceramic tile is easy to make children catch cold because of the limitation of material. Especially in winter, there are naughty children climbing on the tile floor to play, the cold imperceptibly into the body, it is easy to get sick. Some kindergartens will choose pure wool carpet to cover the floor, but the carpet is the most easy to hide dirt and dirt. Hair can also cause allergic reactions in some children. In wet seasons, blankets can also breed mites and other parasites, which can cause respiratory diseases in young children.

PVC flooring raw material is highly environmental protection, does not contain any radiation, no formaldehyde, benzene, etc. In addition, floor of a few big brands still can add especially in raw material inhibit bacterium agent. Inhibitors can effectively inhibit the breeding of Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. It can reduce the harm caused by harmful bacteria to the health of young children. The bacteriostatic rate of the antibacterial agent is more than 99%, which is 2~3 times that of similar products. Even if the child crawls on it and the skin touches the ground, parents and kindergarten teachers need not worry too much.

The PVC plastic floor for children uses a foaming buffer layer. Feet feel comfortable, maximum buffer children in the take-off landing impact. It fully protects the child’s ankles, knees and other body parts. Children run and jump and crawl on such floors. Even when you hit it, it hurts, but it doesn’t hurt.

PVC floor and Kindergarden2

PVC floor and Kindergarden2

Try to ask, the PVC floor that has so many advantages is close at hand, do you still can choose other floor?

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