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Today people are looking for formaldehyde free living space. PVC vinyl is the second largest-selling plastic in the world, Vinyl’s low cost, versatility and performance make it the material of choice for dozens of industries such as LVT flooring. Rigid as pipe or pliable as plastic wrap, vinyl is a leading material of the 21st century. Using PVC Flooring would be the best choice.

Does PVC floors have any impact on indoor air quality?

PVC powder is the main raw material of PVC flooring. As we know, PVC is a renewable resource,it’s environmental protection and non-toxic, widely used in daily life, such as tableware,medical iv bags,etc. No radioactive elements detected by authority, and also a new type of ground decoration material.

Advantages of PVC flooring

Light & thin : PVC flooring’s thickness is between 1.6 – 9mm, and the weight is only 2 – 7kgs per sqm, which is 10% less than common ground material.In the high-rise building, there is an incomparable advantage to the building load and space saving.At the same time, there are special advantages in the reconstruction of old buildings. There is an extra advantage of building load and space saving in the high – rise buildings. It is also in the old building re-constructing.

Wear resistant : The transparent wear layer of PVC floor surface is processed by high technology. And the wear-resisting can reach 300000 turns. Compared with laminated wood flooring, it can reach only 13000 turns, even good ones reach 20000 turns.

High stretching and impact resistance : Soft texture and stretching well. It has a good elastic recovery under the heavy objects impact,and prevent damages from heavy impact.

Anti-slip : wear-layer of PVC floor is good performance of anti-slip,especially it’s wet.

Fireproof & flame retardant : PVC flooring cannot burn and incombustible. The smoke generated by high quality PVC floor is not harmful to humans once it’s ignited. It also no toxic gas.

Waterproof & noisy resistant : The vinyl resin is the main component of PVC flooring,so it’s not afraid of water. The sound-absorbing effect can reach 20db,much better than traditional ground material.So, you never need to worry about the knock noise of high heels when you require a quiet environment in hospital,library,cinema…PVC flooring would provide you more comfortable and humanized living environment.

Were professional in PVC tile production process line,so we know how to produce the best flooring.

Step1,Mixing system

The key points of making high quality of PVC/WPC/SPC products is the formula.

PVC Floor factory

PVC Floor factory

Normally, the PVC raw material is made to powder shape. And PVC products need different additives to acquire certain characteristics in order to meet the requirements of strength, safety, durability etc according to the applications. As a result, manufacturer of PVC products need to mix powder shape PVC material with numbers of different additives.So our Automatic PVC(with additive) Dosing Mixing Feeding system, which can bring your benefits:

1.Accurate feeding dosing of different materials,leading high precision,labor saving,dust free and less occupational disease ,for higher quality and less defective goods.

2.Well mixed of different materials.

3.Good control of whole production process.

Step 2,Extrusion system

Materials will be heated and crushed for the purpose of plasticization when entering the screw barrel.In this process,temperature control is the most critical.

Step3,Calendar system

The materials come out of the mould and enter the four-roller calendering system.The thickness has to be ensured even and standard and the stability of the colored film unwinding is the most important to the yield.

Step4,drawer and cutter

Drawer deliverers materials to the cutter for crosscutting.The cutter will be signaled by a sensitive and accurate photoelectric switch.

Step5,automatic plate-lifting

Final products will be lifted and stacked to the packing area by the automatic plate-lifting machine.

PVC floor production line

PVC floor production line

Choosing Starsplas is choosing the best PVC flooring production line and the best PVC flooring.

Factory solution

Factory solution

For more details about our products: http://www.starsplas.com

For more videos about our videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-P0L1oklq9yghQ_Txp1vFQ

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