PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank is Getting Popular in US and European


PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank is Getting Popular in US and European.

PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank

What`s PVC Rigid Vinyl Floor Plank ?

PVC Rigid floor is the next evolution in vinyl flooring family. With advanced printing and texturing technologies, it is the best-looking, best-performing vinyl floor plank in the market.

PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank

PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank (Rigid Core Flooring) stands for Stone Plastic Composite.

The main component is lime stone (Calcium Carbonate)+ PVC Powder + Stabilizer with other additives. It is super stable, waterproof, fire resistant and VOC free.


Main Dimensions of PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank:

1220*180*4.5mm/5mm + 1/1.5mm Backside Layer(optional)

1530*180*4.5mm/5mm + 1/1.5mm Backside Layer(optional)

PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank


What machine requires for the PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank?

The Processing of PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank is as below:

Step1:Mixing Processing:

PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank

Compounding the main materials( CaCO3,PVC )

and Additives(Stabilizer,ACR,CPE,PE-Wax,Lubricant)

Mixing is critical for the production cost, how to make a formulation for PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank?

Please find more details for Mixing Unit: Save cost in Automatic Mixing System

PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank


Step2:Extrusion processing :

PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank

PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank

Loading the mixture formulate materials from Mixer to Extruder,

The extruder setting up different teamperature on heating zones for make molten state;

The 4-callender will make the calibration for the melting PVC sheet into precise thickness, meanwhile the Decorative film and Ware layer will coming to combining together.

The two sides edge cutting will fix the width during the PVC Sheet moving on the cooling rollers,

The final sheet sizes after horizontal cutting is:985mm width x 1220mm length(Adjustable)

Most customer don`t know how to choose Extrusion supplier? Please find more details for the extrusion unit: Market Guide of PVC Extrusion Machine.


Step3: UV Coating Processing:

PVC Flooring Rigid Vinyl Plank

The Coating is not a necessary procedure since there is a wear layer on the top of decorative film and PVC core layer , but PVC requires mat gloss between 6-8 degree, and UV coating can give better performance in Sun Shine ultraviolet ray resistance for long service life.

The processing is super easy: Two stage base coat and Two stage finishing coat, with the drying each stage.

The PVC sheet should be keeping 24 hours under 30 centigrade room before cutting;

More details and knowledge please find the article: How to make a Perfect Surface Treatment for PVC Flooring?


Step4: Cutting&Slotting for Click System Processing:

The click system is crucial for PVC flooring installation, it will bring lots of complain if you make a inconsistency clicks, so it requires high precision in slotting machine.

The whole processing is as below:

The Robot arm will loading the PVC Sheet for feeding into Cutting machine(Normally in developing company, factory owner will use 1 labor instead of the Robot arm for saving investment);

The Cutting machine will make the Sheet into 4 pieces, then the conveying machine transfer for Vertical slotting, and another slotting processing for Horizontal.

The final result is ready to packaging, the conveying machine will automatically moving the pieces flooring to Packaging area.

The click system(Unilin or Valinge) has patent in the worldwide, if you want to produce any click system, you have to pay for the Patent License before you starting up the production;

More details about the click system patent, please check the article : Which Click System is the Best, Valinge or Unilin?


Step5: Foam Layer Laminating System:

The automatic packaging is not popular in China, normally the PVC Flooring need to do the final verification for Click System before packaging by carbon box.

Backside layer is an optional processing before packaging, more details about Backside layer please check article: Soften Feeling on the Rigid PVC Flooring


Step6: Automatic Packaging Processing(250,000$):


Step7: Recycling System for PVC Flooring(26,800$)


NO. Commodity Qty Unit Price ($)
1-A Automatic Mixing and Conveying System 1 285,000
1-B Manual Mixing and Conveying System 1 65000
2 PVC Floor Plank Extrusion Line 1 135,000
3 UV Coating Machine 1 75,000
4 Automatic Cutting & Slotting System 1 258,000
4.1 Cutting Blades from Germay(Optional) 1 40,000
4.2 Dust Collection System(Optional) 1 60,000
5 Foam Layer Laminating System(Optional) 1 70,000
6 Automatic Packaging and Stacking(Optional) 250,000
7 Recycling System(Crusher & Miller) 1 26,800
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