PVC Powder Dosing Feeding Blending System

PVC Powder Dosing Feeding Blending System

Powder materials handling solution: Automatic PVC powder dosing feeding blending system.The following system is used by most PVC or wood manufacturers in production process.

PVC Powder Dosing Feeding Blending System

1. Using the combined industrial PC and PLC computer control system, full automatic control, save many group formula. Production statistics, stochastic printing, real-time dynamic temporary control, fault alarm, multi-level password protection;

2. Adopts the unique anti-stick layer and homogenizing the structure of the metering screw, eliminating the factors that affect the measurement accuracy;

3. Using a unique air bag unloader device, complete elimination of viscous material “bridging” troubles for you;

4.The use of system pressure balanced concentration of dust removal system, each leak point dust reduced to minimum;

5.Fully enclosed material handling system to prevent secondary pollution and environmental pollution ;

6.A variety of systems combined mode, to adapt to a variety of plant conditions,such as PVC imitation wood grain flooring tile making machine.

PVC Powder Dosing Feeding Blending System  PVC Powder Dosing Feeding Blending System

Advantages of the automatic PVC powder dosing feeding blending system:

1.Automatic feeding system –unmanned

PVC powder dosing feeding blending system is professionally designed for PVC or WPC plastic industry in mixing workplace. This set of confined system is used for automatically measuring, feeding, mixing, dosing to the extrusion of variety powders,particles and liquids. It leads to labor-saving,and prevent from directly touching with powder.

2.Central dust collecting system–dust-free

The mixing workplace of PVC and WPC plastic industry is mass dust and workers are mobile.In the use of centralized feeding system,we choose to connect the dust collection with the dust occurring outlet,so that collecting and recycling use of this part. Dust-free workshop is not only the modern industrial standard but also can save a lot of material and labor.

3.The central control systemintelligentize

Intelligent control system is to avoid mistakes and loss caused by manual operation, such as the wrong formula of feeding raw material lead to batches unqualified products and wast of secondary processing. The lack of automatic dosing function would result in short filling,which is the damage to screw and extruder.The key point is that lack of an automatic system to calculate materials based on production.According to the material wast in enterprise each year, the amount of labor costs and other invisible costs is often higher than the investing amount of a certain small devices.


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