PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Machine PVC LVT Vinyl Flooring Production Line

PVC SPC Flooring Extrusion Machine PVC LVT Vinyl Flooring Production Line


SPC(stone plastic composite) flooring is a new type of environmental protection floor developed based on

high technology.


Its raw materials are natural stone powder and PVC resin powder, after extrude the floor base board, wear-

resistant layer and color film are laminated to the base board via the 4rollers calendar through heating, no

glue is used in the whole process.


It has the characteristics of zero formaldehyde, anti-mold, moisture-proof, fire-proof, anti-insect, simple

installation and so on.

Technical specification:

Item Parameters
Model SJZ92/188
Driving power 110Kw
Current consumption 140A
Heating power 66Kw
Service life of screw 2~3months
Output per hour 500~550kg
Daily output 12000~13000kg
Monthly output 265000kg
Daily pass rate 95.6%


finished floor width:970mm or 1220mm,thikness:2-8mm;

raw material:PVC/CACO3/addtive;

max capacity:800kgs/hour;

average power:120kw



SPC flooring(also called rigid vinyl plank) is very popular among developed countries such as: Europe and the

United States. With its excellent stability and durability, SPC flooring not only solves the problem of damp

deformation and mildew of solid wood flooring, but also solves the formaldehyde problem of other decoration

materials. It is suitable for indoor decoration, hotel, hospital, shopping mall and other public places.

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