PVC Wear-Resistant Layer

PVC Wear-Resistant Layer

PVC Wear-Resistant layer in PVC rigid core vinyl flooring, the protective top layer, is very important to the durability of the product. The thickness of the wear-resistant layer is measured in millimeters. The greater the thickness of the wear-resistant layer, the better the durability of the PVC rigid core vinyl flooring. The wear-resistant layer is built into the vinyl planks and play an important role in durability of the vinyl floors. The wear layer protects the floor against scratches, stains and scuff marks.


When specifying flooring for commercial environments, regardless of the setting, durability is sure to be a top priority.

PVC Wear-Resistant layer is the protective top layer of vinyl flooring, made of clear PVC film and applied to the top of the decorative film, the wear layer adds an extra boost of durability and extends the life of your flooring.

Usually wear-layer is measured in mils (one thousandth of an inch) or millimeters, and Wear layers are typical 12 or 20mils(0.3 or 0.5mm)thick. The 20-mil thickness can stand up to commercial setting.

Characteristics of PVC Wear-Resistant Layer

1. Meet the latest environmental protection requirements in Europe and America.

2.Excellent wear resistance.

3.Excellent flattening performance.

4.Excellent fitting performance.

5.Uniform product appearance.

Thickness:0.08mm-0.7mm. Width: ≤2150mm. Hardness:26Phr-40Phr

Basic physical properties Typical value Unit Measuring method
Hardness 34 Phr
Thickness 0.50 Mm
100%Modulus(MD/CD) 2700/3600 Psi ASTM D882
Tensile fracture strength(MD/CD) 3800/3900 Psi ASTM D882
Elongation at break(MD/CD) 340/370 % ASTM D882
Chromatic aberration/delta E ≤1 Datacolor 600


PVC Wear-Resistant Layer

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