What is MGO?

GO full name is Magnesium oxide, as an environmentally friendly building material, MGO has strength and resistance due to very strong bonds between magnesium and oxygen atoms that form magnesium oxide crystals (with the chemical formula MgO). Magnesia board are used in place of traditional wall and flooring materials.


What`s the MGO Flooring?

MGO Flooring Board is a “Non-Metal & Non-Vinyle” materials, MgO “Sulphate” Board (MgSO4), SGS Labs Certified, Email us for Non Chloride Non Corrosive Content Certificate: [email protected]

The new formulated MgO Tongue and Groove flooring that are made with high quality composites that are also environmentally friendly and sustainable. StarsPlas supplied our premium MgO flooring boards to our wide clients in need of an all in one building solution that is fire resistant and can withstand various other countries’ climatic conditions. Our goal is to protect homes and properties as well as strengthen building structures from such unpredictable threats. Our floor tested and approved MgO flooring boards are different to conventional flooring systems they are high impact, termite resistant, all while providing a very low carbon footprint of only 5%.


What`s the Specification of MGO flooring?

Size Specification: 1215X195x8mm, customizable;

Wear layer: Melamine paper;

Pattern & Design: Customizable with Melamine paper, no PVC film;

Density:  1.4 ton/m3 (The rigid core mainly is MgO with Micro Wooden powders)

EIR:  The hot-pressing a necessary process for MGO Flooring, so MGO Flooring is 100% EIR (Embossed in Register)


Whats the price of MGO flooring?

FOB Shanghai Price: 14$/sqm, the price will be better if the volume getting larger.


What`s the difference Between MGO Flooring and SPC Flooring?

Here is a youtube video for your reference:

1)Flame Retardant Testing;

SPC Flooring Fire Protection is Level B, while MGO Flooring is Level A.

According to Chinese standard of fire protection, there are three grades: A, B and C.

Grade A homogeneous material: tested according to GB / T 5464, its combustion performance should be able to reach: the average temperature rise in the furnace does not exceed 50 ℃; the average continuous burning time of the sample does not exceed 20s; The average mass loss rate of the sample does not exceed 50%.

Class A composite sandwich material should also meets the following requirements:

  1. 1.Tested according to GB / T 8625, the average remaining length of each group of specimens should be greater than or equal to 35 cm (the remaining length of any of the specimens should be greater than 20 cm), and the average peak smoke temperature of each test must be less than or equal to 125 ℃, no burning phenomenon on the back of the test piece;
  2. 2.GB / T 8627 for testing, the smoke density level (SDR) should be less than or equal to 15;
  3. 3.Tested according to GB / T14402 and GB / T14403, the material calorific value should be less than or equal to 4.2MJ / kg, and the heat release per unit area of the specimen should be less than or equal to 16.8MJ / ㎡;
  4. The total non-lethal concentration Co of the material’s combustion smoke toxicity is 25 mg / L or more.

Chinese government fire regulations for the commercial decoration materials must be Grade A for wall and ceiling, Grade B for flooring.

2)Tenacity Test

SPC is rigid but the tenacity is not strong enough compared with MGO Flooring. We tested the toughness of two material floors and cut them with scissors at the edges of the floor. The test found that the SPC was easily damaged when cut with the same force, and the MGO was not damaged. On the contrary, it required more force to use the scissors and only cut a little.

3) Scratch-resistant Testing;

The scratch resistance of SPC is stronger than Hardwood floor especially with the diamond coating on the surface treatment. The testing video are using the same blades, there is no scratches on the surface of the MGO, while SPC has scraped out of the powder of the UV layer or PVC wear layer.

The abrasion resistance for SPC floor: 0.3mm wear layer is 4000RPM, the 0.5mm wear layer is 5000RPM,

The wear resistance of MgO floor is based on different performance of Melamine paper: 6000~10000RPM.

With StarsPlas innovative and unique MgO flooring boards, we avoid harmful and toxic chemicals in our products for the safety of our customers and the environment. Materials involved represent a tested and certificated “asbestos free” building materials chemical makeup; therefore, our MgO flooring boards are an ideal solution for hospitals and schools. Multipurpose product for interior and exterior protection allows for a durable solution for all types of cladding flooring and exterior decking. Without the need for special tools to install our MgO flooring boards, it cuts and fixes timber tools while quickening the installation process with no pre-drilling.

The multipurpose functions of our quality products can adapt to different environments using the strength and versatility of MgO flooring boards. Whether it is wet and cold, or dry and hot, we recognize the importance of long lasting fire-resistant building boards. By focusing on providing durable fire proof building boards, we have become industry leaders with our sustainable systems designs.

For more information about our flooring boards, contact us. We have the perfect solution for all your construction needs, floors, decks, walls, ceilings and related fire protection needs.

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