Sepro’s new Success 5 robot now extended for up to 80-ton injection molding machine – Plastics Industry News


First announced in late 2016 (along with the S5 Picker, which shares a similar mechanical design), the Success 5 is now available to equip injection-molding machines up to 80 tons.

Like all Sepro Success robots, it is equipped with a standard R1 pneumatic (0°-90°) rotation, but offers an optional R3 rotation (0°-90° or 0°-180°).

The standard Success 5 can be configured with horizontal strokes of 1,000mm or 1,500mm, a 400mm demolding stroke, a 1,000mm vertical stroke and a 3kg maximum payload.

Other standard features include:

– Simultaneous motion on all three axes;

– “Y-free” function, which makes it easier to program ejection tracking and saves on gripper costs thanks to its simple design;

– Multiple vacuum and pressure circuits to allow degating, selective part placement and other functions;

– Quick disconnects for fast end-of-arm tooling changeovers;

Standard equipment for the Success 5 also includes Sepro’s Touch 2 control, which features a touch screen and simple, icon-driven instructions. Easy-to-follow on-screen prompts lead the user through the execution of the robot cycle, teaching all relevant robot positions as part of the cycle-development process.

The S5 picker, which was introduced at the K 2016 show last October, is built around the same compact three-axis linear design as the Success 5 robot, but features a simple sprue gripper. The S5 picker can be supplied optionally with an R1 wrist rotation and can be fitted with simple end-of-arm tooling.

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