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Excessive dust in the workplace can be highly dangerous on a number of levels.Firstly, although it’s rare, a cloud of concentrated dust is potentially combustible and can, therefore, cause explosions so it’s important that companies keep their working environments as relatively dust-free as they can to avoid such potential catastrophes. However, the most common problem associated with dust in the workplace arises from dust-related illnesses which have been found to be one of the major killers in the UK when it comes to occupational health.

Dust Related Illnesses and Occupational Disease

Dust is invisible killer,is your staffs safe?
Clean and tidy environment could keep staffs be pleasure and work efficiency in daily working,but is almost difficult in mixing workplace.It is extremely easy to cause dust when unpacking, feeding, mixing, unloading and manual delivery of PVC/WPC materials,which is hard to control and manage.

When the dust exposed with other gases and particles in the air,it would form compound pollutant.Such as O3, NO2, PM2.5 , CO2, Pb, SO2, and the main harmful to health is O3, NO2 and PM2.5. According to the WHO air quality guidance in 2005,exposing to the environment PM2.5 35μm/m3 will highly increase 15% death risk than PM2.5 10μm/m3.
Mixing workplace Operators have to be equipped with dust-proof wearings based on the GB2626-2006《Respiratory protection Self suction filter respirator》(dust masks have been proved to be relatively ineffective).Without proper protection, the lungs produce free radicals (reactive oxygen species, ROS-, Reactive, Oxygen, Species) because of inhalation of contaminated gases and particles. Excessive ROS against the body’s antioxidant defense function,which can cause oxidative stress, leading to tissue damage and inflammation. Accelerated formation of inflammation and increased ROS may lead to additional cell damage that can lead to cardiovascular disease and diabetes.
European and American government have paid highly attention to the dust pollution,and also it’s why our Chinese government strengthening the dust safety and environment issues.


All workplaces need to carry out cleaning duties and pay particular regard to hygiene issues and, for the most part, in places such as an office for example, dust should not present too much of a problem. However, there are many industries which need to be especially vigilant. Here is a list of some of the more common working environments where excess dust can create a real problem.

1.  Mines and quarries – dust from coal, flint and silica

2.  Construction sites – dust from cement and asbestos

3.  Farming and Agriculture – dust from grain

4.  Carpentry and Joinery – dust from wood

5.  Bakeries and mills – dust from flour

6.  Textiles – dust from materials like leather

7.  Chemicals– dust from bulk powder materials


Dust related self-ignition and explosion

Dust has various potential explosion dangers,is your workplace safe?
We generally believe that non-metal powder is not conductive and there is no explosion dangers, such as PVC, PVC/, wood plastic, WPC dust is not easy to cause explosion in people’s conscious.
However, the study found that any powder would be accelerating oxy-genated due to its spreading area hundredfold increased . When the accumulation of dust and static generated by air or machine friction reached a certain amount,it will cause discharging electric spark,forming the source of flame. As far as PVC,when the diameter 4-5 microns PVC reaches 63-86g/m3, dust explosion occurs once it meets flames.
A combustible dust explosion can potentially destroy an entire plant. Is your facility in a risk?

The picture is from <The New York Times>

On February 7th 2008 at 7:15, the dust explosion destroyed the outskirts of port Wentworth Savannah in the U.S. state of Georgia (Imperial Sugar) the Royal sugar mills, the explosion killed 14 workers and injured dozens of people.
The cause of the explosion is a small part of sugar jam, dust accumulation reached explosion ratio meanwhile contacted with overheating machine component,which lead self ignition.The initial explosion just burst part components, and usually accumulated in the ground surface, powder equipment or pipeline due to explosion and vacated the formation of dust clouds, pushed the fireball lit second explosion, along with the entire plant into a explosion chain.
The accident of Imperial Sugar is the deadliest industrial dust explosion in the United States for decades. It highlights the extremely serious nature of combustible dust.
In the rubber & plastic industry,the United States North Carolina Laizhou one of the world’s largest medical grade rubber plug manufacturers Western medical services company (The West Pharmaceutical Service), the annual production of rubber sheet of polyethylene dust was blown to the ceiling ,which is piled up in the workshop. As a result of the explosion near the workshop, the vibration caused by the dust scattered from the ceiling, contact the explosion caused by fire, forming explosive conditions, resulting in 16 deaths, 38 seriously injured.
In 2014, the dust explosion in the polishing workshop in Jiangsu, Kunshan Province, caused 97 deaths and 163 injuries. The power of the powder explosion was so great that it attracted the attention of the society and all previous governments.

A combustible dust explosion can potentially destroy an entire plant. Is your facility at risk? 

Major dust explosions often follow the pattern of the 2008 Imperial Sugar refinery catastrophe – the blast from a smaller, initial explosion disperses accumulated dust into a cloud, which ignites and fuels a powerful chain of secondary explosions. This model shows areas that normally do not contain high levels of dispersed dust, can still be at risk for explosion when settled dust is disturbed by the blast wave of a primary explosion.

The five elements necessary for a dust explosion: fuel, oxygen, ignition, dust dispersion and confinement of the dust cloud, form the “dust explosion pentagon” (OSHA SHIB 07-31-2005). Fortunately, if one element is lacking, a catastrophic explosion cannot occur.


Solutions:Effectively prevent dust dangers and risks

Safe and comfortable working environment is our consistent pursuit both from enterprise and employee’s perspective.The most directly way to eliminate dust dangers is to reduce dust or dust spread. As to resolve it, we need only a reliable system,which could eliminate and dispel dust.The following equipment and system is used by most PVC or wood manufacturers in production process.

Automatic feeding system – unmanned, which is professionally designed for PVC or WPC plastic industry in mixing workplace. This set of confined system is used for automatically measuring, feeding, mixing, dosing to the extrusion of variety powders,particles and liquids. It leads to labor-saving,and prevent from directly touching with powder.
Central dust collecting system——dust-free
The mixing workplace of PVC and WPC plastic industry is mass dust and workers are mobile.In the use of centralized feeding system,we choose to connect the dust collection with the dust occurring outlet,so that collecting and recycling use of this part. Dust-free workshop is not only the modern industrial standard but also can save a lot of material and labor.
The central control system—intelligentize, intelligent control system is to avoid mistakes and loss caused by manual operation, such as the wrong formula of feeding raw material lead to batches unqualified products and wast of secondary processing. The lack of automatic dosing function would result in short filling,which is the damage to screw and extruder.The key point is that lack of an automatic system to calculate materials based on production.According to the material wast in enterprise each year, the amount of labor costs and other invisible costs is often higher than the investing amount of a certain small devices.
Currently,our state has special funds declaration for the renovation. Buying program of Intelligent Technology transformation(including investment and production of intelligent equipment), the subsidy range is from 10%~30% or 50~1000 million based on the project scale.please consult the local enterprises and relevant departments of the Commission by letter.Please consult local commission or relevant departments for details.


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