Sorema looks to blossom in the Chinese recycling market


Sorema already has a very good return from Chinese market which contributes 15% – 25% to the global sales of the company, Villa Andrea, Sales Engineer of Sorema told CPRJ at CHINAPLAS 2017.

Villa Andrea observed that China would like to produce less waste to the world and started recycling in the country.

“That’s what we see. We expect the recycling industry to grow bigger in China,” he

said.“Chinese market grows every year. Chinese customers are increasingly interested in high quality machines. It is exactly the target of our company.”According to him, Sorema is able to build good relationship with Chinese local companies, which is very important. In order to expand in the Chinese market, the company will strengthen its support for local customers.

Sorema is a division of Previero, and has installed hundreds of recycling system since 1976 for processing different types of waste plastics.

The company provides individual modules to complete turnkey systems for the plastics recycling sector, including: feeding and sorting systems, PET/HDPE bottles recycling lines, thermoforms recycling lines, film recycling lines for different types of film wastes from different sources, etc.

Sorema machines and technologies have high returns on investments. Besides, it is easy to integrate Sorema machines into upstream and downstream suppliers’ systems to have maximum value.

There are two types of Chinese customers approaching Sorema. One type is new customers who want to enter the recycling market. The other type is customers who are already in the recycling business with basically cheaper or local made machines.

“When Chinese customers approach companies like Sorema and Previero that have very well presence in the market, they know the companies well. So, when they approach us, they normally are looking for high quality solutions,”explained Villa Andrea.

Chinese customers request top class machines with full services because they are upgrading for really high quality  applications, he said.

As for technology trends, Villa Andrea believes more automation will be seen in the recycling industry. Meanwhile, that is still technology gap between European high end manufacturers and their Chinese local counterparts.

“For China, the number of sorting systems must be increased. If you do not have collecting and sorting, you will not have recycling,”he concluded.

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