SPC Floor Extrusion Standard Operating Procedure


Heating Preparation

T-DIE & Adapter 4-Roller Calander (15~20mins Before Screw & Barrel ):

Heating up T-die and Adopater at 150degree 15-20mins before the extruder, then set up the different for the T-Die has 7 zones in heating and 3 zones for stand by.

  Adopator Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4 Zone5 Zone6 Zone7
Initial 165-170 200-205 200-190 200-190 200-190 200-205 215-225 215-225
Production 165 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5 +5


Keep arms or fingers away from the roller at anytime

Take the rope on the roller before it`s heating up.

Temperature setting up:

  Roller 1 Roller 2  Roller 3  Roller 4
Initial  160-165 160-165 170-180 165-170
Production 160-165 160-165 170-180 165-170

The initial 5RPM Screw,

4Roller keep @300RPM running and make the oil heating well.

The screw speed @12RPM;

4Roller speed @500~600RPM to 800RPM, the 4Roller speed should match up with the pull roller

Hrs to complete the Heating Preparation

Heating up screw & Barrel, 15~20mins T-die, 4 calanders

The initial speed for feeding and extrusion is :

5RPM main machine, 3RPM feeding; @10~15mins,

See white materials  8RPM main machine & feeding @5-6mins, Current will increase but will be lower than 100.

Increase 8RPM to 12RPM @ 2mins, feeding speed at the same speed, take a vacuum inspection if the materials get into a plastified (not powder),start the vacuum pump and open the water valve on it.

  Zone1 Zone2 Zone3 Zone4 Zone5 Zone6
Initial 180-185 195-200 200-210 200-190 195-190 180-185
Production +5 +5 +5 Same Same Same


Safety & Tools Preparation




Film loading ready for the production

Rope for Pulling connection

Wooden flakeboard for Purge materials extrusion

Blades take off before Pulling

Knife and Marker for cutting to tie the rope

Measurement (Take measure at the anticlockwise side)

Heating protection Gloves, Jacket, helmet etc.

Pull & Calibration Processing


Pull the board before any calibration, make the 4-rollers close to T-die, feeding into R1&R2(use the wooden pallet).

Get down into the 4-rollers, cut a hole and sparing water on the surface, push it to the R3 and cross to R4.

Calibration rigid core thickness into 3.7~3.8mm, Measure by a standard measure and adjust it. Then take the measure of 4mm for R3&R4 to calibrate the embossing on film and ware layer.

Fixed the roller to complete the pull & calibration.

Film on & Cutting


Put the wear layer first, mat layer always on the top; Put the print film after the wear layer combined.

Adjust on the top both for Wear layer and Print film.

Install the cutting blades for each trim side, the blades should be changed each 2-3 days or we find any deckle edge.

Inspection & Final Turning


Check the double sizes thickness for final turning, each board from 5/10.  Measure the cross corners to see the opposite angle tolerance.

Find if there is any other defect during the production. Don`t turn the machine once everything was fixed in case of any changes from T-die or 4 Calanders.

Questions ?

Any questions or problems during the production, please send email to me or text me, I will check with Engineer team to give you feedback!

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